Rise Again: A Bit of a Primer for a Depression Lift

YEP. Yep, yep, yep. I’m having a hard time. A very hard time. I can’t put it any more plain than that. Or more eloquently. It hasn’t been easy this year, and certain events and circumstances triggered some lowness in me. So. I am posting something I received from my brother today. If anyone is feeling down, maybe it will help you as it helped me:


· You are responsible for a lot – feeling tired, drained and overwhelmed is completely normal; it is not a sign you are weak or incapable – it’s a sign you’re human.


· The sun will rise tomorrow and your cup of coffee will be there for you. After some sleep and the promise of a new day, you’ll feel better.


· If you can’t sleep after trying for 45-60 minutes, get out of bed to read or watch a movie. No need tossing and turning for hours with a racing mind.


· Just when it seems like you can’t take it anymore and you can’t even think of a way that things could ever possibly improve, God will come through with a lifeline.


· The natural course of everything is that they go up, and they go down. You are in a down cycle – everyone has them. An up cycle must naturally follow eventually.


· You have two beautiful, sweet, cute kids at home that bring you more joy and richer laughter than anything you’ve ever experienced. Soak them in.


· Go back to your roots and the fundamentals. Our generation and society is not as smart as it thinks.


· Your family loves you very much and will always be here for you. Sometimes we stew in our own juice and turn inward, and I can see you doing some of that now. There is nothing wrong with asking for support and help from the people that love you.


I’m always here if you feel it becomes too much to bear and want to talk or just have someone to cry to. The hardest part of this for me is not being able to help or support you as much as I’d like. I think others feel the same. Just open up to us and be strengthened by our love and concern for you. I know you will get through this – like Dad says, you’re a survivor and it’s true. I just want the “getting through it” to be as easy as possible.


Pretty great isn’t it? I’m blessed, I really am. Family can be a savior. The Rock pulled me though yesterday too, in ways I can’t even enumerate right now. And today? He made me breakfast and insisted I take a hike for fresh air. I know in my heart that things aren’t so bad, but I’m still getting it through my thick head.


12 Responses to “Rise Again: A Bit of a Primer for a Depression Lift”

  1. Jenean says:

    someone told me this once..and I think of it often. If god closes one door he opens another…but it sure is heck in the hallway…I love that :)

  2. MomZombie says:

    I feel for you. I am struggling with — what? — I don’t even know. Too much-ness of everything. Endless fatigue and frustration. Not sure where it came from, not sure when it will go away. Thank goodness for the Internets; w are not alone in our struggles. I wish you strength in the getting through.

  3. Morgan B. says:

    ((hugs)) Thanks for sharing such a personal exchange. It will get better. It will. xo

  4. Thank you for these tips. It’s the racing mind in the middle of the night that gets me. Then I am exhausted in the morning. I find I am almost in tears every morning as I get ready for work. 17 days to go. And then I will be happy to be laid off. (Instructional Aide: we get laid off almost every year.)

  5. Common ¢ents Mama says:

    I hate the waking up at what-the-hell time in the morning (3 am this morning) and my mind starts racing as I somehow imagine the most horrible thing that could possibly happen in the next 24 hours. There is only one thing that has helped me get past the panic and somewhat calmed down. Psalm 46:10 ‘Be still, and know that I am God.’ I’m so glad that God is bigger than all my fears.

  6. flutter says:

    you are a creature of light. Just remember that

  7. green girl in wisconsin says:

    Marinate yourself in those pleasures–the Rock, those girls, sunshine.

  8. Ferd says:

    I bet your brother is a lot of people’s best friend. He sounds like someone I would really, really like.

    I sincerely hope you’re feeling better, Deb.

  9. Mama Mary says:

    I have Harold & Maude and a bottle (or 4) of Cocoban waiting for you. And a hug (or 4). xoxoxo

  10. Jennifer says:

    Jenean said it, It’s heck waiting in the hallways. Hang in there, it’s great advise. On that day when you need it most it’ll sink in and that window will open and the sun will shine and all will be well again. I promise cause I know too.

  11. tinsenpup says:

    I’m sorry you’ve not been travelling so well. It’s good to know that you are looked after.

  12. Alexandra says:

    Oh, me, too, over here!

    I should do this… the tips that help a bit.

    Because a bit is better than nothing.

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