PROMPTuesday #152: One Word Again

I’ve posted the “one word” prompts before, but I think they can be very helpful trigger words to spur stories or posts. So today? The one word is:




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3 thoughts on “PROMPTuesday #152: One Word Again”

  1. Hoarder. Can you hoard love? Can you just want so much of it from so many people that you can’t let go of any of it? Even if it means not fully feeling that individual’s love because there is just too much all around you?

    I think we can. I think I am. Letting go of someone’s love to make room for another is possibly the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life.

    Having never known that love til now, makes it even harder. I want more, I want it all but the well only goes so deep. So, what to do? Drink from two wells, three, four, who cares as long as there is love in my life?

    But what kind of love is it? Love from too many directions crowds around you, each one elbowing its way in an attempt to get near you. You, being the hoarder do your best to let it all touch you but in the end you find yourself lacking, feeling empty because love needs room to breathe, to grow and it cannot do so in a crowded room.

    I have begun to clear out all the debris. I only hope that when I’m done there will be something left that I can hold onto forever and it alone will be enough.

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