How to Celebrate Your 10th Wedding Anniversary

Later this afternoon, my husband and I are leaving to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in downtown San Diego.


It’s gonna be great! Toots and Booger will be there too!

In the next bed over.

In the same room.


It’s hard to find an overnight babysitter.


So what we’re going to do is make family time out of thwarted sexy time. We’re planning to swim and see Beauty and the Beast and possibly go to the zoo! For our 10th wedding anniversary!


The zoo!


Maybe we’ll even get burgers somewhere!


For our 10th wedding anniversary!




In all seriousity, the girls are beside themselves and very excited for a weekend away. And I do suppose there’s a certain sweetness in celebrating wedded bliss with your whole entire family in all their entirety. I’m also planning to make a “feature” of sorts out of the experience for my other site. The theme? “Family-friendly wedding anniversaries with no sex anywhere ever to be found the whole time. But burgers!”


I might shorten that to “Family-friendly things to do and eat in downtown San Diego.”


Because there is lemonade in the lemons.


And that is a parable for something important having to do with marriages.


Which brings me full circle.


If the circle had no sex in it whatsoever anywhere.

The whole time.


14 thoughts on “How to Celebrate Your 10th Wedding Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary! You can have lots of sex when they are teenagers and are never home. But not at 11 p.m. because that is curfew and you need to have them come in to your bedroom and say goodnight so you can (slyly) smell their breath and check out the condition of their eyes.

  2. Happy Anniversary! We renewed our vows for our 10th and it was really special to have the kids be the wedding party!! You’ll have a great weekend. And I feel your pain on the over night sitter thing.

  3. Happy day and many blessings!!

    We are at 12 this summer.
    Last year he was in Japan and I was at Disney Paris
    The year before he was TDY To the US and I was flying to Japan
    (may have crossed over the ocean…)
    No sex whatsoever… Or even kissing…

    And after being apart for 7 months we spent the first night with Grace snoring away in the next bed because E forgot to ask if they had a suite.

    This time- 7 months apart- I fly to FL and he is in Virginia… For 24 more hours. Yea.

    But Grace is at Grandmas for TWO weeks :)

  4. You know what? We just celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary with a dinner out with our five-year-old. We got all dressed up, went to our favorite restaurant and ate like kings and queens. Then we took a nice walk on a starry night. Maybe not romantic, but after 11 years of marriage, family is what defines us the best. (Also, no babysitter available either.) Happy anniversary to you.

  5. We’re spending our anniversary later this month the same way! Two night stay at a downtown SD hotel. But we? Have a babysitter! I’m almost at a loss as to what to do to without the kids, but sleeping is pretty high on the list. Actually, it’s number one, lol. Hope you had a great time!!

    • Laural…where are you staying??? Want any restaurant recommendations? We went out in Little Italy! FUN!

  6. Thanks for the well wishing everyone!

    Guess what? Grandma took the kids Saturday night!

    The circle was happy.

  7. I hear the 10th wedding anniverary is the “celibate wedding anniversary” anyway.

    I hope you had a very happy and chaste weekend!

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