Drafts and Minutiae

I don’t know why, but I thought of this today:


There was a field. Long green grass, not the tickly kind. The hushed whoosh of water off in the vast distance. Skies with wispy clouds, for imagining animals. Yes it was quiet, but still flush with sounds beneath the surface, a gopher digging, a cicada buzzing, a flower budding. I needed to sit and so I did, then stretched my legs and arms out in the way you do when you’re tired and open.


Must be a reason right?


Also more things:


I had a great night last Saturday at this San Diego chiropractic office. More on why later, but there were many fabulous blogger people there who I now love. Plus, I had my spine evaluated and its jack-upedness explained a lot about my jack-upedness.


In other news, I’ve begun to write for a site called Tree, and it is good. Sometimes though with all this writing my brain cries uncle, and I just keep going. It’s a good lesson, keeping going.


In more other news, today my mom would have been 70. I buried that information way down here because sometimes I think I malcontent too much about her death and should get over it already. Then I think I’ll get over it when I get over it. Or not. I’m just keeping going.


And to sum up, I can’t stop listening to this song:



Things are good though, I promise.


P.S. Did I ever write about the Kirby vacuum guy?


7 Responses to “Drafts and Minutiae”

  1. Kizz says:

    Happy Birthday to mom.

  2. Trish says:

    Lovely. Yes, there must be a reason. I’m also finding it good to just keep writing. And? My mom’s birthday is coming up too. I lost her a little over 9 years ago. I will never get over it. And that’s ok.

  3. It is almost the anniversary of my mother’s way-too-early death, so I know how you feel. Hugs.

    Congrats on the writing opportunity.

  4. Ferd says:

    I’m very thirsty right now and I was just about to get up and have a glass of All Natural Simply Limeade, which I REALLY love! It makes me pucker and the tartness gives me a little tingle, then a smile, then a sugar high if I drink enough of it. It’s a special treat! So this next glass is for your mom!

  5. Jacked-Upedness. Sounds like something my wife would say. I never had had the term “jacked up” before her, but she seems to use it for a lot of things that get her…well…”jacked up.” Can somebody be “jilled up”? Maybe not. That doesn’t sound quite right. :)

  6. Tough about your mom’s anniversary–sorry.
    Jacked-upedness. I am stealing that phrase and making it famous in Wisconsin, just so ya know.

  7. Tim@sogeshirts says:

    Hugs about your mom. I must check out your writing over at tree. Getting to the root of Jackedupedness is important. Gee that is fun to say and write.

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