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Kitchen Sink

Why I Could Never Run for Public Office

October 7th, 2010

  • My maid’s name is “Leticia, Mistress of the Border Crossing.”

  • My last vote was for Adam Lambert.

  • Leticia and I have a daughter together.

    No we don’t.

    Yes we do.

    No we don’t.

    I’ll let the maternity test speak for itself.

    Oh look at that! Yes we do.


  • It was the ’80s! Everyone mainlined heroin and shot donkey sex tapes with Charlie Sheen!

  • I work for a living.

  • I can’t gut a fish.

On October 7th, 2010, Laurie Ann said:

Charlie still owes $50 for the donkey rental.

On October 7th, 2010, Mama Mary said:

But can you hunt or golf? Or tell a lie with a straight face?

On October 7th, 2010, Tweets that mention San Diego Momma » Blog Archive » Why I Could Never Run for Public Office -- said:

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by billyhayes, Mary Burt-Godwin. Mary Burt-Godwin said: Why @sandiegomomma's name won't be on the next ballot. Bummer cause I'd vote for her. […]

On October 7th, 2010, Suzette aka MamarazziKnowsBest said:

But YOU can turn a sentence. And not many politicos can do that…

On October 8th, 2010, green girl in wisconsin said:

You kill me! All the more reason you SHOULD!

On October 8th, 2010, vodkamom said:

When you said shat i HAD to laugh. Our principal led a meeting the other day and talked about words that rhyme. He said Hat Cat Mat Fat Shat Rat

I was like…….. “SHAT”? Did he say SHAT???”

I am still laughing my ass off.

On October 9th, 2010, Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said:

I would vote for you based upon your last vote alone.

On October 9th, 2010, stephanie said:

AGAIN…You crack me up!!!

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