Dream Police

There’s just no way I can’t post this next thing. A friend of mine sent it to me the other morning and I asked if I could publish it here, but he didn’t respond quickly enough, so I sure hope he doesn’t mind. That could be a real awkward trademark issue. Also, it’s sticky that he’s an attorney and could totally prosecute me to the fullest extent of the law. But I’m pretty sure I beat him at bowling last year, so unless he wants that little tidbit out in public, he better keep his mouth shut.


Hi San Diego Momma (poetic license taken here),


I had a dream about you.


We were in a very large clothing store next to the escalators. The store was inside a giant mall. It looked like Nordstrom’s. We were discussing something important and you showed me something.


You may have noticed this little dream lacks a lot of detail. Well that’s because I can’t remember the important details. When I woke up from the dream (middle of the night) I remembered everything and made a mental note to tell you about it in the morning. As I understood it at the time, it was important. Well, when I woke up in the morning I remembered there was something important I had to talk to you about from the dream but I couldn’t remember it.


It’s very frustrating. Curse the night (little slices of death)!


If you had the same dream it would be weird but would make things easier. If not, then I think it’s gone. I hope it wasn’t super important. There is a good chance it wasn’t important at all. I once had a dream that explained all the secrets of human existence in a single word. It was so momentous I got up from my bed, found a scrap of paper, and wrote the word down. I went back to sleep with the most incredible sense of peace, knowing all the secrets of the world would be revealed in the morning when I read that word.


I woke up and read the paper. It said – Poppylander.




Your lawyer friend (poetic license again taken here),




3 Responses to “Dream Police”

  1. The Path to Enlightenment just grew wider today.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Wow, I haven’t laughed that hard for a few days. I love hearing about the randomness of dreams.

  3. Mama Mary says:

    So, did you have the same dream?

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