This Post Isn’t Really About What it’s Supposed to be About



Let’s atone for last week’s absence.


I promised a helpful tip, did I not? And let me just say that most of you probably already know this household hint I’m about to share because YOU likely do things such as and for instance clean your house regularly and pick up after yourselves. As for me, I’m a hopeless laggard when it comes to domestic product adoption. For instance, I only recently realized that diaper wipes will clean marker and crayon stains from your microfiber couch. Apparently everyone but me knew this already.




But what I just found out blows the poop off diaper wipes. Because those Magic Eraser things? The ones that probably contain a crapload of toxic chemicals and who-know-what else? THOSE things are brilliant for removing scuff marks and the mystery black stains marring your painted walls. This is good to know because before I came upon that information, I applied rubbing alcohol to wall stains. And do you know what rubbing alcohol does to paint? That’s right. It removes paint. Sends it right to Benjamin Moore heaven.


Dopey, dopey San Diego Momma and her woeful, woeful lack of domesticity.


So NOW I can keep the paint on my walls and the dangerous chemicals in my bloodstream.


Or something like that.




So returning now to the next thing on my list. Please forgive that temporary loss of my senses up there.


Let’s see. NOW it’s time for Stuff I Like, is that correct?


Here it is:



I like this.




It’s nice to have coffee in less than a minute in your choice of flavor.


However, when the coffee maker turns off inexplicably and occasionally overflows all over your countertop, it’s bothersome.


Sometimes this coffee maker does just that, but I forgive it because it gives me fresh, hot caffeinated nectar in 30 seconds most days.


Except for the days it doesn’t.


Which pisses me off.


Not sure this Stuff I Like is working out so well today.


It’s more like Stuff I Tolerate.


Darn. I can’t leave on this note. Here is something I love unreservedly:




It’s good with Earth Balance prodigiously spread all over its surface.

It’s also high in dietary fiber.


OK. NOW I’ve blown my positivity wad.


That’s all I got today.


10 Responses to “This Post Isn’t Really About What it’s Supposed to be About”

  1. Natalie says:

    I spent yesterday with my head in the sand because life is just too mean sometimes. It was nice, but I’m more stressed out today, so I don’t know if it was good!

    egads on the $15,000 though. Oh boy oh boy

  2. theresa says:

    My first year I was married to my husband I locked myself in the bathroom and threatened never to come out because of our tax bill.

  3. Coffee in less than a minute is good, but I’m happy to wait for four minutes while my cafetiere does its stuff. Great thing about coffee is that when you spill it you can use baby wipes to get out the stains.

  4. The $15k sucks. But it will all work out. It always does, right? The Magic Erasers are LIFE CHANGING! Seriously, those creepy things (where do they go?!) have changed my life. Along with wipes of all kinds: Clorox, Windex, leather furniture, wood furniture, baby, etc, etc. I’ve heard great things about the Mr. Coffee espresso machine and it’s not pricey. Just sayin.

  5. You will survive the tax bill. I promise. Also? I’m going to ask around about the need for tile installation . . . it IS spring when homeowners thoughts turn to home improvement.

    And? Magic Erasers and I have a deeply personal relationship.

  6. Mama Mary says:

    I’ve never heard of the first or the third. I am going to run out and buy the first. Going to pass on the third, I think (what the hell is it?). And my coffee maker overflows sometimes too, but I like 29 cups instead of just one.

  7. Christina says:

    Love the Magic Eraser, must wear gloves though. I broke out in a gnarly rash from that thing and I’m not the only one that has happened to. I have a feeling I’ll be stocking up on those puppies now that my second child is in his 2’s- he’s the wild one.
    As for my coffee… Cuisinart Coffee On Demand.

  8. My husband has one of those coffee makers–I got it for his office and he LOVES it LOVES it LOVES it:)
    The magic erasers kind of scare me.

  9. I also love the Magic Eraser! Guess what else they clean? The surface of a light colored laptop! It’s true! I have a white MacBook and even though my hands are clean (I swear, they are) I wind up with nasty palm and finger prints on the inside near my keyboard. Soooo… after trying to clean it the way Mac suggested and having no luck–I did a Google search and learned the Magic Eraser tip! It works too. Really well. Just have to make sure the Eraser is barely damp. Moisture will kill the circuits (or whatever they are) so you have to make sure the eraser is almost dry.

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