Catching Up

To hold to my “editorial calendar,” I owe you all a tip and a Stuff I Like. I know you’ve been waiting. I bet there’s even bated breath involved. Possibly some anticipatory anxiety (the good kind). Am I right? Huh?


Is this thing on?


Sometimes I feel so alone.


Be back with the tip and Stuff later today.


I like to pretend you care. That thought is helpful to me and makes me feel more womanly somehow.


UPDATE: Apparently I lied because later today is now tomorrow and I’m headed to Chuck E. Cheese. Surely you can forgive the delay? And please send mind-numbing meds for my Chuck experience. You can wire them to my account.


7 Responses to “Catching Up”

  1. Jenn at Juggling Life says:

    Can I show you how much I care on April 20th at my house?

  2. You totally owe us.
    I’m staying posted.

  3. Birdrockfab says:

    I admire your courage for going to Chuck E. Cheese. The flashing lights, high volume and games makes me feel like I’m at a Kiddie Casino. Looking forward to the “tip and Stuff”! Happy friday.

  4. MissM says:

    Didn’t someone have a traveling Xanax? I think it goes to you!

  5. Redcrossmom says:

    Would you be interested in writing a story on how to survive on what’s in your purse? I am looking for “MacIver Mom” – she can survive an earthquake, flood, hurricane – after being evacuated from her house with nothing but her purse. For instance – she used her hot pink lipstick to Post a Note on the house to say “I am safe and went to (fill in the blank).” She used her dental floss and a paper clip along with a piece of doublemint gum to catch a salmon for supper… get the gist. Are you interested?

  6. Mama Mary says:

    Lord, you are brave. I want tips and stuff but I can be patient, for you.

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