The Hormone Highway* (UPDATED)

Seriously, what are us forty-somethings doing about hormones run amok? Is it just me? I’m a leaky little boat bucked about on the hormone tide and I have had quite enough.


The latest is:


Continual night sweats


Boobs that hurt


Joints that hurt


Head that hurts


Uterus that hurts


Heat waves of hotness


Intense irritability of epicness


General feelings of suck


I’ve been to so many doctor appointments and had so many tests and I have no idea what to do next. I suppose I haven’t found the right doctor (WHERE ARE THEY??? The ones that know of the hormones and the havoc they wreak?) or eaten the right supplement (HOW MANY MORE AM I SUPPOSED TO TAKE?) or done the right yoga pose (COULD YOGA LESSONS BE ANY MORE EXPENSIVE???).


Honestly? I’m beside myself. I’ve never been more challenged by a condition in my entire life. There is no road map. I would like a road map, please.


*Mixed metaphors…another little-known symptom of hormonal imbalance.


UPDATED: I found a doctor. She’s going to work with me. She even used a water metaphor (my favorite) to describe what I’m going through…maybe I won’t be a leaky little boat anymore! I’ll tell you all about my journey as it happens…


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  1. And the worst part is they say it goes on for years. How has this been kept off the radar! And we thought getting our periods was bad back in the day….
    Great, you’ve got a doc. Now you must share what you learn!

  2. Blognut says:

    Black Cohosh. That’s what works for me. That… and an Progestin IUD. Is that TMI?

    I’ll let myself out now…. :0)

  3. Melissa says:

    Read: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause by Dr. John Lee. Then find an Arbonne consultant and get the prolief cream. WONDERFUL. Natural. And not that expensive!

  4. It’s good to know there’s a good doctor in San Diego if I start to have issues. Apparently I don’t have normal women issues, I have strange ones–like latent tuberculosis. WTH?!

  5. g says:

    I think I may be oblivious. I am now 54, and while I have finally experienced hot flashes over the last year or so, that’s about it. I don’t THINK it’s making me emotionally crazy or moody or grumpy….unless I figure I’m already that way.

    The hot flashes are damned inconvenient, but not a major problem.

  6. You are me, and WTF? Most days if I could kick myself out, I would. Word.

  7. So…are you pregnant?
    I’m getting awful night sweats–I find consolation in the fact that I’m NOT pregnant.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I watched my mom go through the hot flashes. The sweater goes on, the sweater comes off and repeat. I’m pretty sure I’ll go through all your describing when I get there. Just last night a friend and I were talking about the day we’ll be hoping we get our period; to let us know we’re not preggo and that we’re not menopausal.

    Glad to know that you’ve found a good Dr. All the best in figureing out the balance of the hormones and raging tides.

  9. Trish says:

    I’m right there with you. I’ll be 41 next month and I almost can’t take my cycle any longer or all the damn hormone issues. I spoke to my doctor about this and there are a couple options I’m considering to alliviate the period issues. One is the Mirena IUD. I used this before my husband had the big V and it was great. I didn’t have a period at all. The other is endometrial ablation. It’s our generations hysterectomy. Back in the day women in their 40s had hysterectomies to rid themselves of these hormone problems – which only get worse until menopause. Now, you can have the lining of your uterus removed. Simple outpatient procedure. I’m seriously considering this one. Good luck to you!

  10. SeaBird says:

    Having just had my third baby – and hopefully this time my last (God are you listening, because apparently you were NOT 14 months ago) – soon I will once again go through the monthyl hormone nightmare. So I am very interested to follow your journey and jealous that you can use “good” and “doctor” in the same sentence.

  11. Ray Chalupsky says:

    As a man I cannot “feel your pain.” I have had many women friends who went thru this with varying degrees of problems. You would think that medical science could have done something about this by now.

    Hang in there!!!

  12. San Diego Momma says:

    Maureen: I know! YEARS! Cannot take it.

    Blognut: I am all over the Black Cohosh. Don’t know about IUD. Sounds hardcore.

    Melissa: Looking for an Arbonne rep! Thx for book recommendation.

    Jenn: Holy CARP on the latent tuberculosis.

    G: You are a lucky, lucky lady. I want some of your hormones please.

    Shana said: SUCKTASTIC!

    L.A. Stylist Mom: Oy. Whatever are we going to do?

    Green Girl in Wisconsin: NO! And good point.

    Jennifer: HA!

    Trish said: My doc told me about the ablation. I don’t know…sounds invasive? Maybe I’ll have no choice though!

    SeaBird: Congrats on the baby! I will travel before you on the hormone highway and let you know what I learn.

    Ray: It is nice to have a man’s encouragement. :)

  13. Mama Mary says:

    So glad you found someone you like. I hope she row, row, rows your boat gently down the stream. And if she does, give me her number. I need me some rowin’ too. xo

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