PROMPTuesday #83: Sentence Starter

“In the thickest center of the woods, a circle of stones waited.”


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One Response to “PROMPTuesday #83: Sentence Starter”

  1. Laurie Ann says:

    Here’s mine:

    In the thickest center of the woods, a circle of stones waited. Abby stepped out from behind the firs and into the circle. She listened through the general forest sounds for the approaching footsteps of the others. Every instinct within her said, “Run! Get far, far away,” but she knew that would only prolong the inevitable showdown. Abby sat in the center glancing all around her in anticipation. The waiting was killing her. Finally, a snapped twig let signaled their arrival. Jeremy came through the trees first, followed by Lisa and Eric, and lastly by Ronnie, who kept her eyes on the ground refusing to meet Abby’s gaze. Ronnie, after all, was the one who brought this wrath upon her.

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