I Did Math!

I have a guest post up over here. It is probably the only cost comparison I will ever do in my entire life.


And a teaser: I get to give away a holiday dinner package! For people to eat! There will be eating by people. Of the holiday package. Of course, someone will need to cook it, which may or may not freak you out. I’d enter this thing myself, but The Rock pays me not to cook (including, but not limited to preparing foodstuffs that require mixing, combining ingredients, and heating items that are supposed to be edible after removing them from a heating apparatus) and I really need to make a salary this month.


In other news, I’m so awesome!


(Just doing my positive affirmation for the day.)


2 Responses to “I Did Math!”

  1. Barrie Summy says:

    That comparison shopping was incredible!!!

  2. You ARE awesome. And I agree with you on the coupon cutting. It rarely works out for me either.

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