PROMPTuesday #77: Keeping the Towel

Today, write about a time you almost gave up on something, but didn’t.


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One Response to “PROMPTuesday #77: Keeping the Towel”

  1. Jennifer says:

    “I didn’t and should have for it all crumbled anyways.”

    Poor Cathy, she tried so hard. No matter what she did the boat was going to tip over leaving her stranded with only one ore, two pets and a bag of half finished junk.

    It all started when she fell for the lowly steward. A hard worker who grumbled under his breath every mean thing about each passanger. How could a man be such a grouch while sailing across the clear blue ocean. This nibbled at her and wrapped in a desire to help him. She started with a simple greeting each time she passes. She’d leave him little trinkets from each port. And on occasion she got brave and went straight into heavy flirtation.

    He took each notion and played along. He gladly returned her favors and kindness, all the while masking his disinterest. As time passed he became acustomed to her presence and not wanting to loose such a precious commonity he married her and played the role of husband for a while. Then he got bored.

    She new it all along and kept trying to win his love. To change his heart.

    Poor girl, in the end he tipped the boat over and out she fell.

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