Nita Tenshyn @everybody So if you tweet in the forest and a tree falls, does anyone hear you?


Nita Tenshyn @everybody Ha! If I were a tree, I’d be deciduous.


Nita Tenshyn @everybody No, a pine. They’re evergreens. right? Anyone know?


Nita Tenshyn @everybody I love granola! Who’s with me?


Nita Tenshyn @everybody If you were granola, what kind would you be?


Nita Tenshyn @everybody Mine would have nuts in it. LOL.


Nita Tenshyn @everybody Eek! An ant! I HATE ants. HATE. ANTS. With all the hate I have. Who else?


Nita Tenshyn @everybody Justin Timberlake is awesome.


Nita Tenshyn @everybody What’s your favorite Justin Timberlake song?


Nita Tenshyn @everybody Mine is Rock Your Body. LOL.


Nita Tenshyn Where is at @everybody?


Nita Tenshyn @everybody I feel fat. LOL.


Nita Tenshyn @everybody If I could be any kind of fat, I’d be essential. Like Omega-3. How about you guys?


Nita Tenshyn @everybody Funny @shutupNita! You rock.


Ima Tryntohard @everybody I changed my screen name!


Ima Tryntohard @everybody I said that with jazz hands. LOL. I crack myself up. Who makes you laugh?


Twitter ADMIN @everybody @Ima Tryntohard has been banned for lameness. We apologize for the interruption.


Ima Tryntohard2 @everybody OMG! New screen name! I love to mix it up. LOL.


Ima Tryntohard2 @everybody If I were a mixer, I’d totally be a Kitchen Aid. You?


Ima Tryntohard2 @everybody Wait! Why can’t I ty




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