My brother’s almost-wife and my brother.


So I leave for New York City first thing tomorrow. Please send happy hippy safe trip vibes. I’ll be a better blog friend in August. ‘Cuz you know, the family is getting settled and hopefully, my flying phobia will be behind me.


To keep my mind busy, I am now going to laundry list my upcoming weekend. There will be no transitions or smooth prose. I am sorry for that.


I’m scheduled to arrive at JFK at 5-ish — right when my brother’s rehearsal dinner starts — and so plan to pack only a carry-on and catch a quick cab to Brooklyn Heights. My family’s socializing proclivities are legend, so I expect it will be a long night.


On Friday, we walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and go to a bar. I bet my dad takes a taxi.




The back of my dress. It is $44.97 at Banana Republic.


Saturday is the wedding at a quaint church located in my brother’s backyard, quite literally, then a reception on a rooftop loft in Manhattan. I didn’t have time to buy a wrap or a clutch. I believe I will wear an olive bronzy number with ample darting and gold heels. I don’t suppose that matches.




The loft.


Sunday I come home.


I will miss my kids. I will miss The Rock. I will miss you.


I expect I will have fun though.


It is weird to write without flourish or frosting.


(But it’s a hell of a lot easier.)


See you soon.


14 thoughts on “Off”

  1. Whirlwind, baby, you’re a rock star!

    Know that you can call me if you need any help at all. Any time, no worries. I’ll shoot you an e-mail with my number so you have it for emergencies.

    Congratulations to your bro and his almost-wife!

  2. Aw! Have so much fun! You will be SO beautiful!

    P.S. Baby and I will be in SD the week of August 10th if you can get together. You can get your baby fix and I can swoon over you and your adorable babes.

  3. Welcome to NYC, my home for the last ten years. Hope you had a great visit. Just wanted to let you know I love your blog and wanted to leave you the “Fabulous Blog Award”. Have a great day!

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