PROMPTuesday Interruptus Maximus

Stay tuned! PROMPTuesday is coming! However, due to an unprecedented show of packing and inner strength, my fingertippal region is sore and needs a brief refreshment period.


PROMPTuesday will be up this afternoon.


And guess what? The Rock repacked all the boxes I so diligently populated yesterday. Something about not good use of space and organization is not my talent and that’s OK honey, I love you anyway.


The nerve of that reasonable guy. My fingertippal area is so pissed.


6 thoughts on “PROMPTuesday Interruptus Maximus

  1. The Rock would not have to re-pack anything that I were to pack, if I were to pack for you, because if I were to pack for you, I would have set your house on fire. Just saying.

    Hang in there, Deb. This too shall pass. Soon you will be living happily ever after in Culdesaclandia.

    And if you don’t want the Rock re-packing any more boxes, I will help you hide his body.

    Hi Rock! Love you! ;-)

  2. Hey, at least he’s helping! That’s HUGE!

    Here’s a tip you won’t find in “Packing For Dummies”: use your clean linens of all sorts when packing dishes. You kill two birds with one stone — they both get packed AND you don’t have to waste money on paper or foam peanuts.

  3. I would be inclined to stare at him, open-mouthed, for a moment before loudly pronouncing, “Oh my gaah! OCD much?”. Then flounce off and eat some chocolate. I really should give relationship advice professionally. That’s gold that!

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