PROMPTuesday #62: Whose Line is it Anyway?

I got the below line from somewhere and can’t recall from where. Can you imagine a greater treason if you’re a writer? Still, it’s a great prompt starter and I can’t resist, even if I’m unable to give the original author credit.


So please, write a story using the line “Flying through the streets like a trail of fiery rage that quickly burns out of sight . . .” somewhere in your submission, and if you know where it comes from, please do let me know. (But wouldn’t it be great if I made it up and just forgot?)


Meanwhile, please post your submission in the comments OR post in your blog and leave a link to your blog in the comments.


And also — First time to PROMPTuesday? Welcome! Read a bit about this weekly writing exercise here.


(Want to see what’s been written in the past? Catch up on the PROMPTuesdays archive here.)


2 thoughts on “PROMPTuesday #62: Whose Line is it Anyway?”

  1. “Flying through the streets like a trail of fiery rage that quickly burns out of sight” was our 2 year old lab who had just escaped the clutches of the dread bath giver. It being July there was an absence of a wet trail to follow. So we relied on our noses to keep us in track of his general direction. Being in a new nieghborhood we were desperate to not loose Chuck. This being our first pet, if he was to become lost the wailes of my 5 children would be the next to fly through the streets.

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