Shut Up, Literati Realist

I get annoyed by articles like this. Not because there’s not a kernel of truth in them, but because the author is so in freaking love with her brain, she’s erased the heart. Also, just because this is your experience, don’t extrapolate general truisms for the rest of us.


p.s. Still pissy.


9 Responses to “Shut Up, Literati Realist”

  1. crystal says:

    I know you didn’t like the article but much of it made sense to me. P.S. I am pissy too so maybe that’s why it made sense. Hmph

  2. MissM says:

    she was kind of annoying. and whiny.

  3. stoneskin says:

    I started to read it but then my brain started to bleed so I had to stop.

  4. I agree. With you. Not her.

    But that’s just my little ol’ opinion.

  5. Blognut says:

    Heh. I went and read the article. I found it totally annoying, too.

  6. Eden says:

    “I am a 47-year-old woman whose commitment to monogamy, at the very end, came unglued.”

    Wow. If I ever cheat on my husband, that’s the phrase I’m going to use!

  7. Jennifer says:

    It sounded like she’s looking for people to tell her it was ok to cheat. Most marriages end in divorce so what’s wrong in cheating. I disagreed with her whole article and found it very frustrating.

  8. I was annoyed by the fact that she felt like she loved her kids so much. If you don’t love them enough to give it a shot with their dad, that’s not saying much. It may not have worked out, but to just say you don’t have the energy to try?

    Also, quit painting with such a broad brush–it’s your marriage, not everyones. Can you tell it annoyed me too?

  9. robyn says:

    Maybe her marriage broke up because she was originally committed to “monogamy” instead of being committed to her *husband*. It’s probably easy for commitment to a concept to come unglued.

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