Mom’s Nite Out in a Very Long Nutshell

So the Mom’s Nite Out thing, right? Big news here in San Diego Mommason land for quite some time now, and as such, I’m just itching to show you how it all went down.


But first, as I am wont to do, a little self-deprecating textual overview.


Let me just say that I love people. However, I get tense in large groups because I don’t know, I feel like a dweeb or something. So certain people who know me well could tell I was a little discomfited and had a great big belly laugh at my expense. And this is why I love them. On the other hand, people I don’t know so well might wonder why I stood awkwardly by the raffle table and never had any change. Or why I laughed gutturally at odd times. So if I chortled explosively at you, please accept my apology. I was just nervous.

And a little off in the head.


In addition, an NBC camera guy came down early for a little filming and as I was the only one in makeup and clothes at that hour, I was tapped for a sound bite. And at this point, I’m assuming you recall how I hate to be on camera. HATE HATE HATE. Every logical thought goes out the window, I become a cavewoman and repeat weird, non-pertinent phrases again and again. I begged, BEGGED Charity (perfectest PR person of all time) to talk in my place, but she refused because I don’t know, no makeup? and so she stood to the side of the camera and asked me questions while I answered. Of course, none of my sound bites were used because I talked about how Mel couldn’t be there right then as she was in the bathroom and I chomped gum right through the whole interview until Charity made me spit it out in her hand.


All that said, the night was fabulous and awash with good energy, nice people, and tons of chortles.




This is the “before,” when I, Charity and Mel (and other lovely helpers, including Megan from Seaport Village) packed the swag, then hid the evidence under the banquet table.


Please excuse my ass in your face. But at least I covered it with 15 yards of tunic.




Jenn and Michelle (my mom’s group leader).




Mary, Elexia and Liz (who provided delicious homemade cookies for the swags).




Sondra and Sugar.




Here’s Tonya, Christina, me (probably raffle changeless and chortlely) and Pleasecontactmeandgivemeyourname.




A trio of wonderful people, including Kristen (at left)!




Some of the together/hottie moms from my mom’s group.




Well, well, well. Who do we have here? That scamp holding the camera is Joanie (Da Goddess), who donated a photography package for the raffle, and then heading right, we’ve got Paula from Rae Florae (who donated floral arrangements and also happens to be my neighbor!), Teri, and Joaniepleasecontactmeandtellmeyourlovelyandnicefriend’sname.




One more picture of Tonya, because I love this one.




My hot and erudite book club friends, Magen and Michelle.




Mel and Charity raffleing it up, the way good event planners do.

I am in blue.




I’m sorry! I know this isn’t about me. However I cannot impress upon you enough how I don’t like to stand in front of large groups of people. Do you see my tightly clenched fist? My awkward stance? My nervous half-smile?

Someone please tell me where to get some large-group desensitization therapy.




Meanwhile, this is Jessica.




And I’m pretty sure these ladies are up to no good.




Speaking of good, Jen has 9 kids. And you can’t see it, but her stomach is flat and I think that should completely against the natural laws of the universe. (Her husband Clay is on the left!)


So there you have it!


Still, I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank all the great people who made this night happen. Of course, there’s Mel (whose attention to detail made everything sparkle) and Charity (who put in hours and hours and days and weeks of work…pro bono and is truly, I’m not just saying this, one of the best PR people EVER), and Megan from Seaport Village who came in early to help us set up. Then, there’s Buster’s Beach House and Longboard Bar, the Mom’s Nite Out venue, which did such a fabulous job, and had awesome, helpful staff (thanks, Jackie!) and a great events person (thanks, Ingrid!). Really, Buster’s made me love them and I’m not one to really promote anything unless I love it/them/her/him and so believe me when I say, this was a great, great, great place. Also, thanks Lizzie for putting the two of us together! It wouldn’t have happened without your connections!




Finally, to the sponsors who gave us swag and donated prizes: a very large dose of gratitude. Many local companies came out to support the event too (Tilty Cups, The Cookie Chew, Caption Cooks, Rae Florae, Sugar Snaps, Laughing Rhino, Cosmic Frogs Photography and more). Mel has many of the sponsors up on her blog, so you might want to visit and gaze upon their wondrousness.


So to cap this very long nutshell: mom’s nite out = spectac. large groups = I’m working on it. people = restore my faith in humanity. bartender = shoulda been shirtless.


15 Responses to “Mom’s Nite Out in a Very Long Nutshell”

  1. Chris says:

    Looks like everyone had a great time thanks to you and a few other dedicated and generous people. San Diego gals got it goin’ on!

  2. * TONYA * says:

    It was such a great night and you girls did a fabulous job putting it all together.

    I’m so glad you put everyone’s links up there because although I should have mingled more, I was shy and lame and didn’t and at least now I can stalk all the locals via their sites ha ha.

    Oh and your comments about Jen are so spot on. How dare she look that damn good after 9 kids and I look , well, like I do after 3 :(. Think I might have to start peeking over the back fence to see how she does it :)

  3. Great photos and it sounds like a lovely time. One day I am going to meet you and believe me I will help with that crowd thing because I am the complete opposite. Got Crowd? Give em’ to me!

  4. Mama Mary says:

    It was a great night! Thanks to you Deb, Mel & Charity for putting so much hard work into it! I met some really great ladies and look forward to next year! Oh and I LOVE the alcohol-free hand sanitizer that came in the SWAG bags!!! :-)

  5. Jen says:

    Thank you for putting this together! I loved meeting everyone and seeing some familiar face as well! AND I have to say thank you for making this M.O.M. feel like a million bucks with your kind compliments!
    You rock!

  6. You came off as cool as a cucumber. Really.

  7. Da Goddess says:

    Is it terrible that I read the link for Titly Cups and saw it as titty cups? It’s been a long weekend (spilling over, obviously).

    The MNO was fantastic and I had a great time, as did so many, I’m sure. Even if you were tense, most of the time it didn’t show. I only knew because you told me.

  8. Did ANYONE get a decent picture of me?! You were fine! We had fun and that’s all that matters. Except the shirtless bartender. That was definitely an oversight.

  9. How delightful! You looked swell, btw.

  10. hipm0m77 says:

    Thanks so much for a wonderful nite! It was so much fun and there were some amazing moms there that I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time.

    I hope to see all you San Diego Moms (and Dads) at the Happy Healthy Hip Parenting Party on May 21st. It’ll be another night of fun, prizes and laughs!!

  11. Crystal says:

    How I wish I lived in SD. My hubby has to do some work there over the next few months…I’m still trying to convince him we should just move there. :)

  12. Megan says:

    Great wrap up Deb!! Now send some of those pictures my way so I can do a wrap up of my own ;-) I also have a list of bloggers to send you! Again, we loved having you ladies– you are all welcome at Seaport Village ANYTIME!

  13. Ok speaking of pictures – remind me not to button the vest ever again!

    As far as the vision – that was all you & Mel… I am just a facilitator! And as any mom would, I couldn’t have you chomping like a cow on the gum on camera!

    I’m ecstatic that you ladies enjoyed the time! I’m definitely in for next year (we’ll have more notice & know what we’re getting into – right?)!

    Mad Props to all that helped especially Lizzie & Megan!

    Sorry I didn’t get to mingle more – but please reach out to me & I’ll connect back!


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