Wordlessness Doesn’t Run in the Family

Earth Day


Toots says “Happy Earth Day, everybody!”


…And she also says:


Happy Beak Heart Day!


Stained Glass Heart




Happy Graffiti Spider Femme Day!


Insect Leg Lola




Happy Picasso Day!


Picasso Head


In addition and finally…


Happy LoveBob BoobHead Day!




15 thoughts on “Wordlessness Doesn’t Run in the Family

  1. Wow! I like how she just “goes for it” (like her Mama) and doesn’t create “in the box”. I think this little girl has talent (also like her Mama). Beautiful art!

  2. Those are awesome, can you scan them and share??? Maybe I can replace the picture of me red-faced and screaming while everyone else looks happy in the picture that my daughter drew…Obviously I need to change my image. Maybe I could be a boobhead.

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