National Mom’s Nite Out in San Diego (UPDATED!)

So Mel and I are coordinating a national Mom’s Nite Out here in San Diego on Thursday, May 7 and it’s going to be so cool, you won’t believe it. There will be coolness and hawtness and more coolness and super awesomeness and all that and now we just need to find out who is interested in being at this super-cool, gnarly rad thing we got going on.


Because it will be so cool.


Oh all right. I just want you all to come. It’s not like I’m cool.

But I hope you will end up liking me anyway.


Mel, however, is cool.


I’m so uncool that at the last event I drank wine while chewing a cow cud-sized wad of spearmint gum and didn’t even think that was weird. Also I do this eye twitchy thing that’s strange.


So what do you say?

I sound like a barrel of fun, right?


E-mail me at debawriter (at) yahoo (dot) com and I’ll put you on the super cool RSVP list for the May 7 National Mom’s Nite Out extravaganza!


That I’m going to try to make cool just for you.


(You’ll get more details shortly.)

(But it will be somewhere in San Diego.)

(And you can meet other mommy bloggers just like you.)

(And you don’t even have to be a mommy blogger, you can be a gal who blogs in San Diego.)

(Also, you can invite whoever you want.)

(As long as she won’t laugh at my eye twitching thing.)

(Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.)



Mom’s Nite Out for San Diego moms and women in general (need to come up with a better phrase) will be on May 7 from 6-9 at Buster’s Beach House at Seaport Village! Appetizers are hosted and we have our very own room in the “Beach Loft” and there are giveaways and swag and YEAH!


Oh Good God, I hope a lot of you come to this…I want to meet you in person!


7 Responses to “National Mom’s Nite Out in San Diego (UPDATED!)”

  1. vodkamom says:

    God DAMMIT I wished i still lived in San Diego. I will be with you in spirit.


  2. I made a Facebook page. Wish I was cool enough to figure out how to leave the link.

  3. stoneskin says:

    “you all”? Not me, surely!

    Gum and wine? That is a travesty.

  4. Sugar Jones says:

    I can NOT wait!! This is going to be such a COOL night… gum chewing and all!

  5. Just stumbled on you cool blog. Could you still add me to your cool RSVP list for this Moms Nite Out bash? I hope to make it!

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