PROMPTuesday #50: A Life in Six Words



Because I’m late today, I kept it easyish. This one comes from my friend, Paul, with whom I’ll be attending a weekly writing coach meeting, but that’s neither here nor there*.


Paul’s idea is to riff on the popular six-word memoir idea captured eloquently in this book here. So just like it’s asked in the book, “Can you describe your life in six words?”


If you read the publisher’s description of the book above, you’ll see that six-word life sum-ups can be heartbreaking, silly, or motivational. Or, as the New Yorker says: “You could spend a lifetime brainstorming.”


What is your six-word memoir?


Leave your answer in the comments, or if you prefer, on your blog and leave us the link so we can spy.


Meanwhile, for any new readers, PROMPTuesday, is a once-a-week deal where I issue a creative writing prompt and hope that people take it and run. PROMPTuesday submissions appear in the comment box below the PROMPT post for all to read.


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*That could totally be my life summed up in six words.


26 thoughts on “PROMPTuesday #50: A Life in Six Words”

  1. Here’s Mine: “Continuing Battle to Focus My Energies.”

    I know we are probably not supposed to EXPLAIN ours — but that is my life in a nutshell. I could never focus in on just a few things that I’m good at. I like TOO MANY THING and TOO MANY PEOPLE and TOO MANY SOCIAL ACTIVITES — and it’s taken me until recently to realize that if my life is to be worth anything lasting, I must cut back on the “static” and learn to make decisions on what my goals are and FOCUS in on SOME things. I’ve had a fun life so far — travel, movies, literature, friends — but, unfortunately, at age 46, I am hardly an expert in anything with anything substantive to show for it.

    Here’s to a completed novel manuscript in 2009!

  2. I’m where I’m meant to be.


    I’m not done with this yet.

    Yeah, that’s 12; 13 if you count the ‘and’, but that’s what it is. :0)

  3. She laughed, cried, & didn’t get Cats.

    If the “&” counts as a word then it would read:
    She laughed, cried and hated Cats

    but that’s a little harsh.

    Please note the capital “C” though I could also probably substitute a lowercase “c” and be accurate. Sorry Cats the Musical and kitty cat lovers inhabiting the blogosphere.
    I would have posted this on my blog but my post today is about my BFF who loves cats so I didn’t think it would be appropriate. :-)

  4. Wow, that trackback excerpt was excessive, wasn’t it?

    I loved AND hated this PROMPT, Deb. I’m feeling a little fragile and unable to express myself as honestly as I’d like. I don’t like that feeling. Thankfully, I did several takes on this and finally found one I think I can live with.

    Can I get a pass to see the school nurse now? Please.

  5. does it have to be a sentence that makes sense? whatever. using artistic license, here’s mine:
    loving, living, playing, longing, feeling, giving
    love, live, play, long, feel, give

  6. I LOVE this PROMPT. Thanks Paul. And thanks to all who shared their innermost.

    Mine is:

    Made it harder than it is.

  7. This was fun! Each time I read someone’s “memoir”, I count the words on my fingers to make sure they haven’t broken the rules. I used to be a Girl Scout. Gotta do it.

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