PROMPTuesday #48: L-O-V-E


If you left a link in the comments, consider leaving it here too, and participate in an online wedding proposal event!


This is a special one. Someone I dearly like a lot is going to get engaged soon — she just doesn’t know it yet. To celebrate, this PROMPTuesday is all about love.


Please write a post about love: When you knew you were in love. How you stay in love. What those about to get married should know about love. What qualities you hope to find in someone when you fall in love, and/or so on. You can even go the route of “Best love/marriage advice you ever got or gave.” Or perhaps you want to write about your wedding day or engagement. If you’re not married or in a relationship, how will you know when you’ve found “the one?”


And here’s the kicker. There’s something top secret about this whole thing.


But that? I’ll have to tell you a little later.


Meanwhile, for any new readers, PROMPTuesday, is a once-a-week deal where I issue a creative writing prompt and hope that people take it and run. PROMPTuesday submissions appear in the comment box below the PROMPT post for all to read.


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19 thoughts on “PROMPTuesday #48: L-O-V-E”

  1. Yay Blognut!!!
    My two oldest daughters were in town for the last three days. They JUST got an airplanes and LEFT me. So my PROMPTuesday might be on Tuesday (or Wednesday or Thursday).
    Yay Blognut!!!
    Hey, that was fun too. Pretty much just as fun as being first. Yay!

  2. The secret to a long and loving relationship? Be kind. And don’t ever, ever be cruel. When our 11 year old son died from a sudden illness in 2005, our grief counselor said that there would days when we would be mad at the world and hate everything and everyone around us. But we had to be kind and gentle with each other. Being considerate (not in a robot-like way but in a genuine way) … and acknowledging kindness and considerateness … has been the glue that has kept us together in the most devastating circumstances. That doesn’t mean his iron his shirts or some gendered chore but saying “you look like you’re struggling, how can I help?” or “I made you lunch today to bring to work.” It’s the little things, not the grand gestures, that show the day-in-day out commitment to making your grieving spouse feel cared for. And he does the same for me. And we never say cruel things, even when we disagree. That is the sort of thing that takes a lot of self control. But you can’t take it back and cruelty just eats away at the heart of love. That’s my two cents, and for all the money we paid our grief counselor, that’s what it all boiled down to: always be kind, never be cruel.

  3. Cheri, I’m betting you DID buy them an airplane because, you know, they obviously have you wrapped around their little fingers. I’m not sure how three of them have done this, but it’s obvious how much you love them and how much they love you. Anyhow, my guess is that the airplane was smallish but still an airplane. Neener neener!

    Oh, but, um, anyway, I added my thoughts on love and stuff. Yeah, stuff was in there, too. You gotta have the talk about stuff, cuz stuff happens and you have to be prepared when it does.

    So, when do the rest of us find out who the proposee is?

  4. never, under any circumstances, roll your eyes at your significant other. Even if it’s over the phone.
    There’s nothing worse for a relationship than to let contempt creep in.
    I’m a big eye roller and i swear to god, since I have made a conscious effort to stop (a number of years ago) all of my relationships have improved. Amazing that a lot of my problme with other people seemed to stem from me…
    One more thing that works for me? Remember that’s its not all about you :)

  5. Read the fine print. Take time to really know each other. Discuss things before the Big day, of where you see yourself in 3, 5, 10, even 20 years. Find what makes you different and love, respect those differences. Combine your similarities and grow together in your passions and skills. You have a life time to grow into each other. What you may find irritating, annoying or funny today, years later you’ll love just because it’s part of who they are. You may even find yourself changing to become better, shedding off those bad, annoying habits. Never go to bed angry. Talk things out without bring blame; “you always”, “you never”… Use the word “I feel” “I like” “I am”… Talk just for the sake of conversation, even if a solution is never found. Gain trust in each other to speak your mind without being put down as dumb or stupid or wrong. Be compassionate, kind, understand and there. Share life, the responsibilities, joy and sorrow. Be involved. If one handles the finances, be in the know. If one handles the kids, be in the know. Share the knowledge. Share your interests, involve each other, even it’s only once. No secrets. When arguing over the little things be sure to laugh about it later, together. LAUGH, CRY, SCREAM, emote together, for each other. When things get crazy, remember to breathe and conserve energy by whispering. To much time and strength is wasted by yelling and fighting.

    This is scattered all over the place and being divorced I know that these are things that I strived to have in my relationship and many of the other wonderful things posted by everyone who has participated. Thanks for posting this prompt. It was wonderful to read, to know that what I wanted, can and does happen. It just wasn’t some image created by reading and watching to many love stories.

  6. I know it’s been a while, but my PrompTuesday post is up. I hope mine doesn’t appear too cynical compared to the other sweet ones. I just couldn’t write lovey-dovey stuff without rolling my eyes. Everyone here does a much better job than I do. :)

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