All For You

I would like you to know that in my continued quest to make this blog smell less like ass, I am committed to my new and improved “Shake It Up, Dammit” Project.


And today, what this essentially means is that I am going to Trivia Night at Shakespeare’s Pub, when all I really want to do is fry garlic, smear it on stuff, and watch Forensic Files until it’s time for South Park.


But no. Instead, I am zipping up my sorry and prolific bupple into a pair of seen-their-day jeans and boning up on the Opium Wars. Also, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to answer any trivia questions because although it used to be my favorite thing, playing trivia requires one to have an operable and remembering brain. Two areas where I am deficient these days.


But still, I am going to do this thing. For you, for me, for liberty and justice for all.


Wish my bupple luck.


16 thoughts on “All For You

  1. ahhh… the operable and remembering brain. i remember those days. and that’s about all i remember. seriously, i believe that the operable and remembering brain is reserved solely for those in their twenties, with no wedding ring and certainly no children to speak of.

    have a great time, and i love you. :)

  2. Well…yeah…have fun and report back. You know you’ll have fun – don’t worry!

    What the heck am I doing for the New Year? I took a hike in the mountains and my feet and legs are dying.

    I want to explore more downtown LA, and historic LA. That’s my 2009 vow.

  3. Dude, I so wish I lived in your neighborhood! Katydidnot & I were freaking ROCK STARS at online trivia; we would join for an earth shattering smackdown. It would so kick ass.

    Not to say that you will not make quite an impression on your own; enjoy the hell out of it :D

  4. How’d you do?

    Me? I went out to hang with one of Ike Turner’s former wives and listen to kick ass music. Probably should have gone to play some trivia and exercise my brain instead.

  5. i need to come with you! i kill at trivia. seriously. kill.

    i play trivia online, and i kill. kill!

    can i come next time? my ass is already zipped into some good seen their day jeans right now!

  6. Update soon! Suffice to say that we got 20 answers right out of 40 questions. Suck much??

    I will post some of the questions for you for your trivial pleasure shortly!

    And Kate: Yes you can come! I’d love it!

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