More “My Awesome Things.” Now, Richer and Creamier!

See, this is why I don’t do serieses. I don’t serieses because I’m not serial about it. I let some little distraction, like a backlog of eight 50-page reports to edit, to sidetrack me and screw the whole consecutiveness of my serieses.


But here I am anyway, because thank God I made people I like write down their most awesome things, and if I didn’t post it, they’d think I was a flake and possibly a hoax, and seeing as I will soon be related to one of these people, I didn’t think it’d be prudent to suck.


SO, here is my soon-to-be sister-in-law, Jillian’s (I call her Jill, because we’re totally likethis in my addled mind, at least until she runs screaming from my family after spending just one Christmas with us, which I promise you, is bound to happen) “Most Awesome Things” list. (P.S. Some bizarre darkening thing befell some of the photos. My black thumb apparently extends not only to gardening, cooking, and exercising, but also to picture-posting.)


But first, this is Jill:



Ain’t she the cutest? Plus, she’s an art director at a Manhattan ad agency, and she plans to become an interior designer, and she is confident and wise, and she puts up with my brother, which alone makes her sponge-worthy, and I love her taste. (Like I love run-on sentences.)


So enough already! Here’s her list:


  • Design Blogs

    I’m a visual learner and the below are awesome to peruse for inspiration. Since I’m in the throes of wedding planning, I have been especially keen on It’s so great to look at for color and theme inspiration.


    My favorite design blogs are:



  • Mags

    I’m constantly dog-earring the above magazines’ pages because they are all great DIY resources, with info from how to refinish an old dresser to finding cheap eats or the best doctors in NYC. Domino also profiles a city in every issue. Great for travelers trying to find an off-the-beaten-path textile store or dive bar in somewhere like Kansas City.


    My favorites are:



    NY Magazine



  • Color

    Grey is severely misunderstood. It isn’t drab! It’s cozy and comforting. It complements any color, bright or muted, and looks amazing next to white. It’s my favorite, and the color of my living room.



  • Vintage boots from Ebay

    The thrill of the auction and knowing you’re wearing boots that have seen “other lives” makes me super excited, plus they just look cool. There was a period when I got almost obsessed, my closet shows it, ask Mark [editor’s note: my mad genius brother]. Also there’s always the sizing issue, so buyers beware. I think people had smaller feet in the ’70s and 80s, so I would recommend going up a size.



  • Brunch

    Sunday is funday! I like to not think about the impending work week and have a long lazy brunch. Eggs benedict and champagne. Yum. I have a favorite place in our old neighborhood, check it out if you are in NYC.


14 Responses to “More “My Awesome Things.” Now, Richer and Creamier!”

  1. mommypie says:

    And now you said Creamier.

  2. Another awesome thing is Jill’s hair. I have a thing for red hair. Pretty, pretty, pretty!

    Grey is fantastic! I bought our dog because she was grey and would go with our house. Kidding. Maybe.

  3. Helloooooo Jill! You’re purdy.

    Now I’m off to turn the background of my blog that shade of grey I’d been thinking about . . .

  4. I like Jill. I would sponge on her too, not only because of her awesome red hair (I am the mother of a red-head) but because she is super stylish like I want to be someday!

  5. Green Girl says:

    Definitely richer and creamier! I am jealous.

  6. Blognut says:

    Creamier? That’s a disturbing description! I like Jill – I like her red hair too. I used to be a redhead, now I’m a greyhead, (except for that stylist of mine who turns me into a strawberryhead), Jill and I already have a lot in common.

  7. I want pretty, long, wavy red hair like that!

  8. Ferd says:

    Cool! You get a cool sister-in-law that you love! That will be really great. On the other side of the world, though. You’ll have to be blog sisters.
    You Awesome Things gig was fun. I’m gonna check a few of them out.
    Peace to you!
    Congrats to your brother and Jill!

  9. Shana says:

    I love run on sentences too and I love Jill’s hair and I wish I had one single cell of artsy-ness in me. Just one. If I had one, I’d roll with it.

  10. Diane says:

    I like Jill’s list! Believe it or not, I was having trouble coming up with an Awesome Things list (it’s not like I don’t think things are awesome… I just couldn’t think of good stuff) but she gave me some ideas!

  11. Blognut says:

    So… pardon my multiple comments, but I have to ask a question. Did I pass the test? See, I got this blog follower notification that said sandiegomomma had posted “TEST”, and I clicked on it and got the 404 error of death. Does that mean I pass the test, or I fail it? Gotta know!

  12. kate says:

    i also adore gray. and whatever that one thing was with the spinach-y sauce-y top. i adore whatever that is as well.

  13. […] list comes courtesy of my friend, Cocktail Maven. She has red hair, too, which gives me pause. Are redheads style setters? Does their hot-bloodedness lend itself to […]

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