Children’s Place Gift Card — OVER!

The winner is Da Goddess!


How would you like to win a $30 Children’s Place Gift Card?


Just leave a comment here and you are instantly entered. I will select a random winner on January 8 at 5PM.


And just so you know: I really do like the Children’s Place. I’m not being a tool even if they sent Toots some pajamas. Because you know what? She likes the pajamas and so do I, when they don’t have pee on them.


We’re working on that part.


Good luck!


24 thoughts on “Children’s Place Gift Card — OVER!”

  1. I like their stuff (but the pants don’t fit Zoe waist-to-hip as the pants of a five year old — or any child under the age of 16 — should fit). Their pajamas hold up really well.

  2. Yes! I also love The Children’s Place jammies — they tend to have a skinny fit, which makes me feel more comfortable with my little one sleeping, plus they just look so darned cute on my daughter’s little body! I like a bunch of their stuff, though. :)

  3. I want my small bear to win a shopping spree at the Children’s Place! Thanks for always offering cool things. :)

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