Another Rock Gift

My husband is aces at picking gifts. He considers the personature of a person, which I guess could also be referred to as “personality,” if you weren’t given to making up words, and selects just the right thing. Sometimes he takes risks, too, and they usually pan out. This was a risk. I don’t typically like jazz, but this is a pairing of jazzy tracks with chanteuse voices like Norah Jones and Chrissie Hynde, which just works. I feel bad though, because The Rock had been talking about this CD for a few weeks before Christmas and I was sick to death of hearing about it, and when he called me from the Borders listening station to ask a question about Jools Holland, I barked, “ENOUGH WITH THE JOOLS HOLLAND ALREADY!”


Then I got it for Christmas, which really was very sweet even if I am a crabby bitch.


7 thoughts on “Another Rock Gift”

  1. That? Is a wonderful gift. I had to pop over to iTunes to listen to a bit and I LOVE it! Tell the Rock I said thanks for giving me something ELSE to spend money on….

  2. Good thing you ended up liking it!

    Coulda been worse: he could have bought you the latest “Now That’s What I Call Crap 81”. Or “Kidz Bop 47”. You get any of that stuff — run. Just RUN!

  3. I just looked him up – he played piano for Squeeze! Why didn’t you say so? Of course I’ll have to download his music. Where have I been? The Rock well, rocks.

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