Hope You’re All Well

Goodness, I’ve missed you.


Come back soon for when I wonder aloud if I have a drinking problem.


Meanwhile: Stay thirsty, my friends.


It doesn’t have to be for alcohol.


Although if you’re me, it probably is.


But I’m getting ahead of myself.


So for now, here’s a re-posted picture of my stepmom’s bathroom:




Despite its inclusion in my alcoholic post, this is not on my list of “Reasons To Drink.”


Just so you know.


26 Responses to “Hope You’re All Well”

  1. Diane says:

    Wow… that’s a… busy… bathroom. Very, very busy.

  2. Myra says:

    Well isn’t that special? I want to see more, I think. Great to have you back.

  3. There is not a DAMN thing wrong with that bathroom. I love it, personally.

    I’m drinking too.

    I need to come to San Diego soon, so I can meet some of you girls in person. Utah girls are… a little boring… and dry (if you know what I mean).

  4. Jamie says:

    We may be related after all, because, um, yeah, that’s MY grandma’s bathroom, too.

  5. Blognut says:

    WTF? When does she find time to dust all of that? Does the rest of the house look like that too? We need more information, and more pictures! Holy SHIT! It looks like a flea market.

  6. It’s like the bathroom of a lesbian Martha Stewart. Is that redundant? I wish I were drinking…

  7. That’s the bathroom at Buca di Beppo.

  8. g says:

    Oh, my. That’s stunning.

    Although, I admit to a little bathroom clutter myself, with what I consider better taste (but I would, wouldn’t I?)

    Glad you’re back with us. Have a drink on me.

  9. tinsenpup says:

    I think I like it in an ‘I’m really glad that’s someone else’s house’ kind of way. I did go and get a drink after looking at the photo though, so I wouldn’t completely discount recent environment as a contributing factor in your wondering.

  10. Danielle says:

    Well you certainly wouldn’t get bored if you needed to sit in the bathroom for a bit. Welcome back and drink away, I know I want to.

  11. Karen says:

    I would have a bottle of something hidden in the toilet tank. That scares even me, and I’m not scared by much anymore!

  12. Oh…my…

    I thought my MIL’s festive wreath complete with two fake birds, the one she changes for each holiday and/or season, hanging in her bathroom was more than I could bear!

  13. i really like the theme — first aid, naked butts & hearts!

    jeezus, i need a drink…

  14. ilinap says:

    I suspect she was drinking when she decorated that place. Geesh!

  15. She says:

    Hey, I could use a drink. You buying?!

    As for the rr, I’d hate to have to dust all of that stuff!

    Missed you, too!

  16. Da Goddess says:

    I like your stepmom! She seems cool and I bet we’d have lots to talk about.

    I’m not drinking though. I have great meds that render drinking unnecessary.

  17. wa says:

    Does your stepmother live in Farrell’s Ice Cream parlor?

  18. Green Girl says:

    Oh my. Oh wow. On purpose? Didn’t lose a bet or something? I have to look again!

  19. Barrie Summy says:

    I think someone could write an entire book in that bathroom! Hope you’re enjoying the last couple of days of 2008!

  20. g says:

    Green Girl wins the comments prize!!! Too Funny!

  21. Carrie says:

    My husband’s Aunt has a bathroom almost exactly like that time warp, except the ENTIRE thing is in black and white, even the toilet.

  22. That is awesome, in a stalker, circus, pink threw up everywhere kind of way. Totally justifies drinking.

  23. That’s awesome in a “totally don’t need a magazine in here” kind of way!

  24. […] for four days. I would have used the bathroom to evacuate all the junk, but you’ve seen the bathroom right? It defies pooping. At any rate, it was weird, but I actually found myself looking for fruit. […]

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