Hope You’re All Well

Goodness, I’ve missed you.


Come back soon for when I wonder aloud if I have a drinking problem.


Meanwhile: Stay thirsty, my friends.


It doesn’t have to be for alcohol.


Although if you’re me, it probably is.


But I’m getting ahead of myself.


So for now, here’s a re-posted picture of my stepmom’s bathroom:




Despite its inclusion in my alcoholic post, this is not on my list of “Reasons To Drink.”


Just so you know.


26 thoughts on “Hope You’re All Well”

  1. There is not a DAMN thing wrong with that bathroom. I love it, personally.

    I’m drinking too.

    I need to come to San Diego soon, so I can meet some of you girls in person. Utah girls are… a little boring… and dry (if you know what I mean).

  2. WTF? When does she find time to dust all of that? Does the rest of the house look like that too? We need more information, and more pictures! Holy SHIT! It looks like a flea market.

  3. Oh, my. That’s stunning.

    Although, I admit to a little bathroom clutter myself, with what I consider better taste (but I would, wouldn’t I?)

    Glad you’re back with us. Have a drink on me.

  4. I think I like it in an ‘I’m really glad that’s someone else’s house’ kind of way. I did go and get a drink after looking at the photo though, so I wouldn’t completely discount recent environment as a contributing factor in your wondering.

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