Go Barrie!

At Warwick's


I loved meeting kidlit author Barrie Summy Tuesday night at Warwick’s Book Store. Her new middle grade book, I So Don’t Do Mysteries, launched just that day and I wanted to come out and give my congratulations.


The thing is? I just found Barrie online (she blogs too) (thanks for the tip, Vodka Mom) and discovered she was from San Diego and that I So Don’t Do Mysteries was her first published book and that she had achieved what I hope to one day myself. Then, I pretty much invited myself to Warwick’s to say hi and she didn’t even act (in public) like I was stalking her.


In fact, she talked more about MY dreams and aspirations and state of pre-authorhood (maybe) (hopefully one day) than she did about herself and her new book. Even though her book flew off the shelves, even though it is still flying off the shelves, even though booksellers are telling Barrie that they are HAND SELLING her book because they LOVE IT!


Barrie says her mascara is taking a beating from the tears of joy. I think it’s wonderful and although I just met her, I’m turbo happy for her. Can you just imagine? Pouring your time, energy, and self into a book and have it be PUBLISHED (by Random House, no less), then have it sweep the nation?


I’ve just read the first few pages of Barrie’s book so far (I have to finish my book club book for tonight’s meeting), and I see why it’s a hit. The main character’s voice is completely engaging and funny AND it’s written well (you don’t always get those things simultaneously).


Anyway, meeting Barrie was amazing and a real family affair, because I took The Rock, Toots AND Booger, the latter two who were particularly tooty and boogery that evening. Also, my Barrie meet and greet temporarily assuaged my PMS Beast, and for that alone, she will always hold a special place in my husband’s heart.


18 thoughts on “Go Barrie!”

  1. OMG! You were stalking me?! Just kidding. You are an absolute sweetheart and so much fun! I just edited my blog to link to you. Sorry, not sure where my mind was when I hit publish.

  2. First of all, you are so many kinds of awesome as a writer, so you’re in good company with Barrie.

    Ack! I just glanced up and see Barrie left you a comment, so I’ve proved myself right. Again. I do that often, really always, because I am always right.

    And? I can’t believe you didn’t take me up on my offer to go with you last night. You were being a Barrie hog.

    Whatever. I’m still going to speak to you.

  3. Angels we have heard on high.
    I’m thinking this angel Barrie was put there to be an example and inspiration to you.
    You have already touched many of us with your writing, but perhaps there’s something else yet to come.
    Keep working it, Deb. Your good fortune will come when opportunity meets preparation.
    And never forget to have a lot of fun along the way!

    I bet this time next month, The Rock is going to take you to see another kidlit author. ; )

  4. OMG my 9 year old niece is an avid reader and LOVES this book! I am going to send her mama the link to this post and tell her that I know someone who got to meet Ms. Barrie! How cool is that.

    And how wonderful is it that she took the time to talk about YOU! I think that’s amazing. I think HUGE things are in store for you Deb. HUGE! And I will come all the way out there and have you sign your book for me!

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