Barrie Summy’s New Book

I found a new friend in the Blogosphere (Shh. She doesn’t know yet). She’s a San Diego author who just (JUST! It comes out today!) had her middle grade mystery novel published. Her name is Barrie Summy, the book is I So Don’t Do Mysteries, and she is my new role model (Shh. She doesn’t know yet). Anyway, she’ll be at Warwick’s La Jolla tonight and I’m going to be there with the left side of a “BFF” heart pendant. (I’ll keep the right half.) (Shh. She doesn’t know yet.)


7 Responses to “Barrie Summy’s New Book”

  1. stoneskin says:

    But does she know yet?

  2. vodkamom says:

    I want to be there!!!!!! Wait for me!!!

  3. myra says:

    You are BFF with the coolest people. :)

  4. Barrie Summy says:

    Deb, I 100% absolutely loved meeting you and your family at Warwick’s tonight. You are adorable! Now….go finish that book!

  5. I want to go, er, hop with you. A real book author? Fo’ realz?

  6. So can I go? Huh? Huh? Can I? Huh?

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