Baby, it’s cold inside.

What can I say about Mommy Pie that you haven’t already heard me go on and on about? Let’s see. I love her? No. I’ve said that before. Hmmm…She’s my psychic twin? Also, probably heard me say that. Gosh, I’m running out of glowing new commentary. Let me leave it at this: Mommy Pie was one of my VERY FIRST bloggy friends after I started San Diego Momma. She emailed me because she read I liked the spooky, and we became fast ether friends. She’s the best. And another thing? For my upcoming trip, she sent me a guardian angel medallion. I love her. Ooops! Said it again.


When my Paranormal Internet Soulmate Deb asked me to guest post while she’s gone on her big trip, I KNEW I had to do something ghosty. Or SMOOKY as my 4-year-old would say. And how perfect that as I write this at the 11th hour, I sit in my darkened livingroom watching my new favorite HBO series, True Blood. Not that my story’s about vampires or anything. Just … smooky.


I’ve lived in a few haunted places. Truly. Back in 1991 I was living on the second story of an old brick building with cathedral ceilings. Two sets of 20-foot thick wooden doors led out to an iron balcony overlooking old main street. The space was amazing. Once upon a time, a hundred years in the past, it served as a brewery. Later, it was a dance hall. Legend has it ladies of the night were frequent patrons.


I shared the apartment with my boyfriend at the time. Each of us had experienced things that couldn’t be explained. Sometimes these things happened when we were together. Like seeing a young workman kneeling in the corner of our bedroom one night, watching us sleep.
Sometimes they happened when we were alone. Like nickels materializing from thin air and falling from above. And being thrown at the bathroom door.


This was one of those alone times.


Right next to those 20-foot high double doors were equally impressive 20-foot high windows. In front of one of those windows sat an overstuffed chair. One cold and silent snowy night, I sat alone in the apartment, sinking into that cozy chair, thoroughly engrossed in a novel, the name of which escapes me.


I remember no feelings of uneasiness. Actually, I believe I was enjoying the time alone. Which is why the sudden overwhelming feeling of being watched took me by surprise. I stopped reading, closed my book, stood up and looked behind me. There was, of course, nothing there. I settled back into the chair and tried to resume reading, but couldn’t shake the growing sensation on the back of my neck.
Once again, I stood up. Devoid of a double pane, the window behind me was covered in a thick layer of untouched ice — inside the house. I distinctly remember looking at it as I walked to the bedroom for a blanket. Returning to the chair less than 30 seconds later, the sight that greeted me stopped me dead in my tracks.


A perfectly shaped heart had formed in the center of the iced pane. The ice that just a few seconds ago solidly coated the INSIDE of the window, had melted, as though warmed by someone’s breath.
Keep in mind, there was absolutely NO heat source anywhere near the window.


And I WAS alone.


At least I thought so.


That was enough to send me out the door. I drove to the bar where my boyfriend and I both worked, had a seat with the regulars and tried to collect myself. I waited until 2 a.m., helped my boyfriend close up, and drove home with him, refusing to go back to the apartment alone. By the time we walked in the door, just the faintest remnant of my admirer’s artwork remained.


Faint, but most definitely still there.


14 Responses to “Baby, it’s cold inside.”

  1. i have total chicken skin right now, mommypie… you should totally apply for a job with TAPS on the SciFi channel. srsly.

  2. Green Girl says:

    That gave me terrible chills. Spooky!

  3. we_be_toys says:

    Oooh, what a fabulously creepy story! Man, I would love to research the history of a place like that and figure out who all the ghosts were.
    Perfect story for October!

  4. Midlife Mama says:

    What a great creepy story. And I have no doubt it is 100% real. I have had friends who have had similar “visitors.” When we were staying at my SIL’s house when my MIL was sick and dying, my husband and I were sitting in bed getting ready to go to sleep, and suddenly the radio on the alarm clock turned on. The alarm wasn’t set or anything. Not a second later, the phone rang, and my BIL knocked on the door and told us my husband’s mother had passed away. I know that she had stopped by to say goodbye. It was really spooky, but in a good way.

  5. feathermaye says:

    Wow… absolutely smooky! (And I love the word, btw.)

    Apparently your chilly visitor was smitten with you enough to express his/her affection. That just makes it creepier to me, to be honest!

  6. foolery says:

    Oh holy heck jiminy CHRISTMAS! This is why I cannot watch magicians — if I can’t figure it out, it frustrates me into an early grave. So yikes.

    Maybe — no, never mind. I’m flummoxed. AACK. Great story.

  7. Da Goddess says:

    Awesomely smooky! I totally should have written one of my smooky tales, too. But I didn’t. You’ll have to be the queen of Halloween around these parts until Deb returns.

  8. […] In the spirit of the season, I told a real life ghost story over at San Diego Momma’s while she’s away in New York. I’m a little late letting you know, but I reeallly don’t want to be a big fat BOMB on my Blog Buddy’s site, so I’m directing you there. […]

  9. That was delightfully Smooky!
    Now I’m thinking I should write a post about the house I grew up in for Halloween.

  10. Whoa…I have to think though that maybe the spirit was taken with you miss pie and wanted to let you know ;-)

  11. Yikes! You’re braver than I am…I’m STILL afraid of the dark.

  12. Lynette says:

    Yep, smooky. I probably would have moved out that same night.

  13. I don’t know whether to be completely scared or awed. Great story!

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