Here I Go

OK, I’m leaving for New York in less than 10 hours. Would you all think happy thoughts for me and say a prayer or two?


I’ll tweet my safe (I hope! I hope! I hope!) arrival…


p.s. Some fabulous guest posters are lined up during my absence. Can’t wait for you to read them!


10 thoughts on “Here I Go

  1. It’s going to be fine! I know so, I really do… You’re going to come back feeling so alive and awesome that you faced that fear and had a GREAT time!! You’ll see… I actually kind of envy how you’ll be feeling once you’ve conquered this trip, it will be exhilarating!! I’m going to bed now and will think happy thoughts and goodness your way! Enjoy…Enjoy…Enjoy!!

  2. I’ll second that. You’re going to feel like you conquered the world when you’re done. And then you’ll come back and blog about it for the huddled masses (that’s us, by the way).

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