In the Hopper

Well it’s 6:30AM, which these days is the best time for me to blog. Toots lays in our bed, after having a nightmare, Booger is sleeping off her temper tantrum, and The Rock is showering downstairs (and he’d better bring the razor up this time.)


My phone rang a few short minutes ago, and it was my best friend from Chicago, checking on some last-minute details for our 40th b-day trip to New York. I live not five miles from the airport, so I’m hearing planes take off overhead, and I know I’ll be on one in less than two weeks. Which, if you’ve been reading, you know is freaking my head.


So I’m going to employ the distraction method.


New York!

Right? I’ve never ever been. I fancy myself a city girl after living in downtown Chicago for awhile, but I’m sure I have no idea about New York. Still, I love action, you know? Stuff happening! Dry cleaners around the corner from your brownstone! Good pizza at all hours! Cars honking, taxis skidding, people thrumming. THAT kind of stuff.


Of course I have no idea what to wear. That kind of thing is important to me. (I know.) I like to plan outfits. As a pre-pubescent, I’d get the Seventeen Back-to-School issue in August and dream about my fall wardrobe (which of course Fashion Bug never carried), and moon over its pages for days. I never quite got the hang of putting clothes together, so usually there’s something off: I wear the wrong shoe, too many bracelets, not enough badaboom! You know.


I’ll be seeing Wicked, and traipsing around a lot, and eating dinner, and probably late-night pizza, and seeing museums, and walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, and gawking too much. Will I need a coat? Does everyone really wear all-black?


One friend told me to go minimalist, then throw on a distinctive piece — like a cool necklace or kicky coat. So, I guess maybe I could do that? But first, cool and kicky? Does not compute.


Screw it.


Has anyone seen Wicked? I loved the book, although I expect it’s not completely similar. Still, a New York City show! That’s gotta be worth something.



My brother lives in Brooklyn Heights, so he and his girlfriend, Jill, will take us places. I think. I should probably check with him. (Does he even know when I’m coming?) (Eh, he’ll read this.) (Marky: I get in on a Wednesday.)


My college friend, Lis, will meet me in the city Thursday night, and we’ll stay right by the Brooklyn Bridge, so I’m thinking that will be cool and urban.

Wow. I’ve been San Diegoized. I can totally hear it in my voice.


In other news, what’s rapidly becoming clear here is that I shouldn’t blog at 6:30AM.


Or any time in the morning.


I’m really more of an early afternoon person.


New York, here I come!


Batten down your hatches. My necklace is gonna be kicky!


25 Responses to “In the Hopper”

  1. have a great time and don’t stress about what to wear. i never do. it’s t-shirts, jeans and boots for me. clearly, i never made it out of the late 90s… bring a coat. it’s the east coast and it’s cold in NYC right now. i watch the TODAY show, so i know. besides, it’s cold in DC, and it’s usually 5-10degs colder in NYC.

    no idea about Wicked, or anything that requires a sense of culture above and beyond, “is this beer good?”

    have a blast! can’t wait to see pics.

  2. bekkah says:

    Your assumption is correct! Wicked doesn’t follow the book exactly, but regardless it’s fantastic. Defying Gravity was breathtaking. Wicked and Spring Awakening are my two current favorties :)

    I agree with matterofactmommy…low key dress (including comfy shoes) is the best way to go. Enjoy your trip!

  3. vodkamom says:

    I’m so damn jealous right now! I’ve NEVER been to NY either. no excuses. I have a friend who has seen Wicked FOUR times and LOVES it. loves it….

  4. Wicked the show totally beats Wicked the book. I love New York, but just be prepared for crowds like you can’t even imagine until you’ve been in them. I got a little panicky. Ride the subway–it’s a trip for us San Diegans who don’t know from public transportation. And MOMA . . . sigh.

    If I thought I could fit in your suitcase I might just try it.

  5. Steph says:

    A kicky necklace is a balm for nearly all wounds. Srsly.

    Also? I’m so jealous! I’d love to be going with you!

  6. Lori says:

    What fun! I hear Wicked is really great!

  7. Beth says:

    I’m sure Wicked will be amazing. I only saw the traveling show, haven’t read the book but I had listened to the CD of the N.Y. version about a gazillion times. As for fashion in N.Y., you don’t want everyone pegging you for a tourist, right? I have no idea what to wear, but you’ll definitely need a sweater or two. It’s cold up north!

  8. kate says:

    i totally got this one. *whew*

    kicky necklace and coat, for sure. light coat though. and jeans, of course. i like the minimalist + kicky item. i think you should do that.

    although…maybe we should go get seventeen and see what you should really be wearing.

  9. Green Girl says:

    So exciting! My only advice is wear black because NYC is pretty sooty and dirty, bound to leave a smear on any light colored clothes. Have fun!

  10. McSwain says:

    Wicked is AWESOME! And quite different from the book.

  11. g says:

    Where are you staying? With Brother in Brooklyn Heights? Or in the Theatre District?

    NY is small, geographically, but BIG in terms of how much territory you can cover.

    I am definitely a downtown Manhattan girl – when I visit I stay south of 14th Street, cause that’s where I used to live.

    My son is a college junior, and he lives in Fort Green, Brooklyn, which is quite a little bit east of Brooklyn Heights.

    Take the subway. It is NOT scarey, it is safe, and nowadays it is airconditioned (unlike in my day!). It will get you around town easily.

    Dining tips –

    Neighborhood secret – ‘ino, bedford street

    Best hot dog in town – Grey’s Papaya

    If you like oysters? Go the the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station.

    Really cool historical attraction? the Tenement Museum on the Lower East Side. Trust me – it is totally cool!!

    If you’re into shoes? The shoe store OttoTootsiePlouhound on Lafayette St. in the East Village.

    Great Italian red-sauce restaurant? La Marinella on Carmine Street at Bedford Street.

    Best pizza in NY? For me, it’s Arturos, on Houston Street at Thompson.

    Have a great time!!!!!!

  12. Lisa Milton says:

    A friend of mine has seen the musical; I’ve only read the book.

    I am so excited for you. I know you will work that kicky thing, no problem.

  13. Wear something black and kicky (that way no one will suspect you’re from California unless you open your mouth) eat pizza ANYWHERE in NY (it’s all better than west coast pizza) walk FAST, don’t make eye contact on the subway (unless you dig scaring people), and try to keep your mouth closed when you’re staring up at all the big buildings…and give my regards to Broadway, would ya?

    Have fun,
    Cactus Petunia
    (formerly from Queens)

  14. Damn, after reading G’s comments I want to go too! Can you please go to Serendipity for me?

  15. Mamasphere says:

    Wicked! I’m dying to see that. I’ll have to live vicariously through your review. And as far as my friend that lives in NYC says, black is still the ultimate clothing choice. Knock ’em dead with your necklace!

  16. myra says:

    You are so kicky I can’t stand it. I hope you’re blogging from the Big Apple. Shop, shop, shop ’til you drop. Then eat and drink. :) Have fun and happy birthday!

  17. Angela says:

    Flying? Freaking your head? Hey at least you are actually doing it and thats more I can say for myself!!! You go girl! Face that freakin fear!!

  18. You’re going to love it!!!!

  19. I’ve never been to either New York or to “Wicked”, though “Wicked” is coming to me in DM. Not quite as cook and kicky, but probably more my speed! I’d love to go to NY sometime, but I believe I’d need a seasoned guide to work me through the system, and so far, I haven’t been able to find that willing person! I bet you’ll have a fantastic time!

  20. I grew up outside NYC- Anything goes as far as dress – but you can’t go wrong with chic black – very NY. You’ll have a blast!

  21. Kizz says:

    Comfy shoes. COMFY SHOES! Let me say it again, all your outfits should be based in what comfy shoes you are bringing. Everybody always tells visitors and mostly on the first trip they don’t listen. On every subsequent trip, though, they are preaching the same tune: COMFY SHOES!

    Wicked the musical is totally different from Wicked the book. It’s an awesome musical, really exciting and fun and good. But the book bears so little resemblance that they’re practically unrelated.

    I second Spring Awakening as another choice. Also August: Osage County.

    Can’t wait until you get here!

  22. Giyen says:

    Hi! Just found your blog.

    Blogging in the morning is the best! Also, very jealous that you are taking a trip to NYC.

    Cant wait to read about it.

  23. Da Goddess says:

    Pack clothes that can easily be layered. Our weather is not theirs. No matter what you take, you’ll look lovely!

    As for blogging early in the morning, hey, it beats not blogging at all!

  24. OH WICkED I am so jealous! Every single person with whom I have spoken says it is unbelievable. Awesome music. And every time it comes around here it sells out in seconds.

    Have a great time! And the great thing about NY? Anything goes! You set the style. HAVE FUN!

  25. Just got back from NY, and I packed ALL WRONG. Pack really, really, really comfortable shoes, and REI-type hiking, layering clothes (except for your show/dinner clothes).

    You’ll have a wonderful time. Oh, it was chilly too!

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