Coming Up

I went ahead and drank the Pero again, because I craved something coffee-like. But in my haste I forgot all about how Pero is used as a lobotomy anesthetic, and now I’m Pero-lyzed.


So please accept this list of stuff I’m going to write about soon, but not now:


  • My toilet and its limited access poo hole
  • Domestic conspiracies, from the Crazy Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Deba D. Mommaweiler
  • Evolution of the “Blogger Butt;” possibly with timeline
  • My dad’s secret CIA past
  • The rundown home at the end of the lane
  • Why you should try the pie


See you soon!

Or not.


9 thoughts on “Coming Up”

  1. Hi, SD Mama: I’m finally back, just when you’re not. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Trying to kick the caffeine habit (if that’s what you’re doing) can be a lobotomizing process all by itself.

    As for the Blogger Butt Syndrome-I think of it more as a rate, as in inches per day, rather than as a timeline, as it took my butt by storm in no time at all.

  2. Well…now I’m just all a twitter (but not ON Twitter!)…your upcoming (or not) topics sound so interesting…especially that BloggerButt one…are there special exercises one can do?
    And pie…yes, I do believe that a good pie can pretty much clear up any bad situation or make a good one better. I’m just saying.

  3. my dad stays with us sometimes, which means he is witness to the obscene amount of time i devote to blogging (read:ignoring my children)… said to me the other day, “you know, it’s a good thing you play soccer!” why? “because all you do is sit on your ass in front of that computer!”

  4. Is the pie chocolate and does it have whipped cream on it?

    These questions are vital and I must have answers.

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