100 Degrees and Rising

Management regrets to inform you that San Diego Momma has dissolved into a puddle of gelatinous body tissue, unresolved neuroses, and iced Soy Lattes.


We’re working on putting her back together bigger, stronger, and faster than before. Well, maybe not bigger. But definitely without a vagina.


13 thoughts on “100 Degrees and Rising

  1. I was stupid enough to go on a 7 mile hike this morning. I’m now delirious and my brain has cooked in its own juices. Ooh, Toots would love this!

    I am very disappointed at the Google ads after the tampon post yesterday. I was expecting something titillating and/or just plain weird.

  2. Oh man it sure was hot today… We drove up north on Hwy 5 and checked the temps the entire way… the heat never dropped below 105 – and at times was well over 115. Holy hot digity dog batman!

  3. Don’t hate me but it is actually pretty cool here on the east coast today. My kids were shivering when they got out of the pool. I tried to warn them that it wasn’ a pool day but they never listen to me, so I figured that I’d let them learn for themselves. I know we’ll get your weather soon, though.

    I just read the vagina post. Yikes. That may actually beat my tampon story.

    Oh, and to answer your question. I did ride Griffon and it was really scary, but fun!

  4. ha ha, I’ve been dreading summer since it first got hot. Just hot muggy and sticky all the time, forget about looking good in the weather you makeup melts off and your hair frizzes from humidity. It is a no win situation.

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