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Kitchen Sink

Today: 100% Chance of Sun

May 8th, 2008

No more morosity.


Today is sunshine, puppies, no funny substances stuck under my toilet rim, a full belly of eclectic and nourishing food, chai tea (without sugar), and an effective hard water de-mineralizer.


Yea, today there is no fuzz on my sweater coat, no ambivalence about my discipline methods, and plenty of butterflies, even the ones that look like moths.


Today, there are no hairline zits, no fecal hemocult tests (two), and no neighbors with a garage full of Harleys.

No. Today there ARE neighbors with Harleys. Because we’re all born to be wild.


This is a day for palm fronds in vases on credenzas, lunches with husbands and minty toothpaste that doesn’t burn your tonsils.


Today, unlike yesterday, I find that I can indeed afford a new pair of dark wash trouser jeans, the wedges that go with them, and the patterned trapeze top.

Or, probably something more form-fitting.


This Thursday, there are an abundance of maids who want to work for free, because they like me and just want to hang around the house, while also cleaning and cooking. Just because.


Also, there is mail. Brown paper packages tied up with string. Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.


Today, today is a new day.


I embrace it with toned biceps and trapezoids, coming to a “V” on a back with little to no bra fat.


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On May 8th, 2008, Cheri said:

Maybe just a little bra fat? All that granola . . .

On May 8th, 2008, Momma Mary said:

Can you feel me smiling? The fog up here is SURE to lift after reading a post like that!

Now to find a babysitter so the hubs and I can go for a ride on our non-harley motorcycle!

On May 8th, 2008, Clink said:

Don’t forget about those wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings!

On May 8th, 2008, myra said:

she’s baaa-aack! maybe tomorrow you could arrange to ride a harley with the hubby while sipping chai and wearing a trapeze top (with no bra fat) and new jeans. now THAT would be a perfect day.

On May 8th, 2008, Jenn @ Juggling Life said:

I’ll get back to you at the end of the summer on the no bra fat thing–one can hope.

On May 9th, 2008, matteroffactmommy said:

hmm, toned triceps and traps. perhaps 6yrs ago, when i was as skinny as a rail and as toned as the new mariah. (actually, a little more toned that her…)

i’m hoping this isn’t just pretend and that you are actually feeling better about “stuff” these days. :) :) :)

On May 9th, 2008, Deborah said:

Photos! We want photos!

And personally I’m a firm believer in “If you think it it will come” In other words, if you keep those spirits up and moving forward you’ll get into happy land. No, not with the help of Prozac! Just you, wonderfully funny, talented Debbie, getting back on that bike and pedaling.

On May 9th, 2008, SeaBird said:

Little to no bra fat – I want this brand new day, too!

On May 9th, 2008, Restless Housewife said:

anything involving toned biceps, an abundance of maids and new jeans (that fit perfectly) – sounds like heaven to me!

On May 9th, 2008, mommypie said:

No substances stuck under the toilet rim?!? THAT’s Heaven.

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