Too Much Talent for My Little Blog

Thank you to those who participated in PROMPTuesday. I loved reading your poems and am wowed and cowed by your lyrical talent. (Here’s a little PROMPTuesday background.)


Thanks also to the people who read the poems, left comments, and laughed surreptitiously.


If you missed it, check out the nonsense poem submissions here: Greormeoeprkeadocious.


I’m putting another prompt on the train right now, it should be here by next Tuesday. It’s got a lot of baggage and bloats easily, but is overall, a delightful house guest.


And for those who would like to participate, but feel a little, I don’t know, nervous to put yourself out there?

I know how you feel.
BUT I sure hope you write something for us next time.

We really are all in the same boat train.


3 Responses to “Too Much Talent for My Little Blog”

  1. you know i am one of your biggest fans, but writing scares me. unless i am ranting about my a-hole husband or saying how cute and awesome my kids are… or complaining about how hard it is being mom… well, i am afraid to put myself out there. and poetry?! the word scares me.

    but i will enjoy reading from afar… lurking… ;)

  2. Jamie says:

    My creativity is so entirely drained from me these days that it’s going to take a) your prompts or b) a lobotomy to get me out of it. I’m hoping for the former.

  3. Eden says:

    You know I’d do it but I just had no time. But I’m lurking on those ;)

    Don’t be scared to write. :)

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