It’s MommyPie’s 40th birthday!


MommyPie was the first person to e-mail me after I launched San Diego Momma, and was so warm and funny that I’ve been following her blog ever since. Plus, she loves Ghost Hunters AND Paranormal State, which in my book, is an instant guarantee of best friendship forever.




It’s Cocktails in Historic Places time tomorrow. And it’s at the La Valencia in La Jolla. And Buck Howdy, do I want to go, but I skittered off to Mom’s Night Out on Monday and I’m attending a jewelry (Silpada) party on Friday and my last memory a few nights ago was Toots wringing her hands Scarlett O’Hara style begging me not to go out anymore. Also, if I go out three nights this week, The Rock’s patience-o-meter may explode. BUT, if I do go, I will wear this:


Gap Dress


…With stilettos.


(It was $20.) (Don’t tell anyone.)


In other thrift store find news, I also bought these items:


One Clothing Shirt








Cute with my red shoes, dangly earrings and dark wash jeans!


Sometimes I think I’m josie grossy because I buy so many clothes at the thrift store, than I think I’m edgy and fantastic. I swing between those assessments most days…




i received this note from Toot’s teacher a few days ago:


Hi, I had a talk with your daughter today about keeping her pants on at school. I think she understands now.”




Now it’s my neighbor AND school personnel who might call the cops on us for allowing our kids to be naked street urchins. I try! I really try! But Toots always says she’s hot, then Booger follows birthday suit and next thing I know, they’re in underwear.


Another reason I may be locked up: I teased Booger the other day, saying:


You are sooooo cuuutteee! Mommy’s going to eat you up!”

To which Booger responded: (giggle giggle) “Nooooooo!”

And I said: “Yep! Here I come! I’m going to eat you all up!”

At which point, Toots interjects, with a horrified look: “Nooo Mommy! Noooo! DON’T EAT BOOGER!!!!!!” (looking at Booger) “I’ll save you!”

{{{{runs to patio door, calls for neighbor}}}}

Paula! My mommy’s going to eat Booger! She is! She’s going to roll her in butter and make her thick and juicy and eat her all up!!!!!”


To which, Paula looked up and to her horror, saw two nearly naked little girls, wearing Cray-Ola marker Indian stripes on their cheeks, waving headless (and of course, naked) Barbies, screaming stuff about ovens and witches.




She’s got to wonder what the hell we do up here.


So right. I think that takes care of the pertinent agenda items I had for my blog today.


17 thoughts on “Housekeeping”

  1. Um… Can we be neighbors because we’d fit in just perfectly? And, we *are* looking for a new home.

    Also, WHERE the heck are you finding those gorgeous thrift store purchases. I’m coming next time. It’s official. I’ve invited myself.

  2. Thanks so much for the bday wishes, my bestest blogging buddy!!

    All I can say is:

    A. You have some SERIOUSLY AWESOME thrift store ju-ju. SCORE.
    B.Josie Grosie. BAHAHAHA!! One of my all-time faves! (And, you don’t even come close, my friend …)
    C.”To which, Paula looked up and to her horror, saw two nearly naked little girls, wearing Cray-Ola marker Indian stripes on their cheeks, waving headless (and of course, naked) Barbies, screaming stuff about ovens and witches.” LMAO. I want to be your neighbor TOO!

  3. Deb,
    FYI the “Random Ad” on your sidebar thing-o right now is for “vintage panties” on eBay. Dude, no more posts about thrift shop clothes.


  4. i can’t get enough of the naked baby picture with the dora (?) shinguards. it’s awesome!

    and i want to be your neighbor too. not only because my neighbors suck, but because it would be fun and non-stop entertainment.

    (btw, going out 3 nights in a week is totally fine.)

  5. I am a fellow thrift store junkie, and if anyone calls you ‘Josie Grossie’ (LOL) just raise your eyebrows and say in a snotty tone, “I think it’s important to reuse items rather than be another wasteful consumer contributing to global warming.” But we know it’s really for the rush of a good deal, right?

  6. Wow, I had to go to your blog to find out my singin partner is singin with out me. I’ll fix him…in the meantime, happy bloggin (there’s a song in there somewhere) and Happy Birthday. BB

  7. Too funny! I can’t keep clothes on Little Bean either, hot or cold. However, I still would think you and your family were crazy if you were our neighbors. Thats only because I need someone crazier in our neighborhood to draw the attention off of me. :)

  8. Jamie: Yes! Come along with me!
    MP: Hope your 40th was great! (Creep and all) And Ghost Hunters episode Wed. night: Meh.
    Jenn: That’s my motto!
    Kate: Whenever you want baby!
    Cheri: How did you know what I was wearing under my vintage dress? :)
    MOFM: Come on! Move back to SD!
    Restless Housewife: I feel the same. But sometimes just browsing relaxes me and gets me out of the house… :)
    Eden: Scary, right?
    Mommyrella: Thanks for that highbrow response. I think it just might work!
    Buck Howdy and BB: Thanks for visiting! I’m thrilled!
    Jenn & Life on a Whim: We’ll DEFINITELY be crazier than you. So feel free to use us as a crazy comparison.

  9. Hi-LARIOUS!!! (Isn’t it typically the parents that tell the KIDS not to eat boogers?) I’ve actually been working on a kid’s picture book (the text, not the pictures) that specifically mentions the underpants-removing mania that runs rampant among our youngest children. You’ll have to remind me to send it to you. I’d love to get feedback. Cheers!

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