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April 15th, 2008

Toots is obsessed with Scooby Doo and this morning looked up from her Doo coloring book to tell me she wants to be Daphne next Halloween.


Great!” I say. That should be easy: mini skirt, boob inserts, bouffant wig. I should find that all in Party City’s “Appropriate for 5-Year-Olds” aisle.


Then Toots tells me that for Halloween, I can dress up like “that guy with the glasses and orange sweater.


Poor Velma.


She was always my favorite and now I have Scooby Doo proof that Toots has veered from my genetic code.


On April 15th, 2008, Eden said:

Oh! My friend Erin was Velma one year and she looked fantastic.

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