On the Subject of Beauty

Just for the record: I joked in yesterday’s post. I mean, I do not want my daughters to elevate beauty above all else, but I promise I don’t submerge them in an ice bath chanting, “you’re ugly, but smart!” either.


Anyway. I got to thinking. I mean, yes, I recreated yesterday’s conversation for comedic effect, but, but…there’s a nugget of something there when people gently suggested that I may have been a bit too militant. Sure, my daughter needs validation and perhaps I’d been remiss in this area in my attempts to de-focus her “am I beautiful?” question. I really appreciated the comments about this point.


I want to talk about this more. Because I’m insecure and I always have been, especially about my looks. This still lives in me today, in fact, it’s living quite well, thank you, and is in fact putting a down payment on its Florida retirement home next week.


So, I’m going to write a photo essay on beauty this afternoon. I’ve got lots to say. And I’m going to be honest. And it won’t be pretty.


beauts copy.jpg
See? I told you.


Stay tuned for more scintillation!


(Please, oh just please, don’t let Google Adsense see that word.)


3 Responses to “On the Subject of Beauty”

  1. Steph says:

    Nice picture I thought for a minute some got a hold of my High school yearbook photo

  2. Angela says:

    I deal with similar demons in my home that is occupied by two young ladies. There is such horrible capital around beauty. And such consequence too. Ack.

  3. i think you just do what you can and hope for the best… that’s what our mother’s did (at least!)

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