I’m Staying

I keep coming back here to write a response to the death of “old school blogging” and it’s all sounding the same: I miss how it used to be online; I’m not interested in marketing over making; and what happened to personal blogging for God’s sake?


I’m reading more and more people saying similar things and going so far as to close blogs down and sneak out of the social media space because apparently, stories have no place anymore over selling.


I’ve read these laments again and again and nodded my head and even crafted my own dirges, but my responses fall flat.


Because I finally realized: IT DOESN’T MATTER.*


If you’re here to tell your stories, tell your stories. Who cares if Blogger X sold out? Or Blogger Y isn’t as real as she used to be since she worked for Brand Z?




Why does it mean anything if someone OTHER THAN YOU chose to do what he/she chose to do? You might hate it, you might hate them, but that’s all sound and fury. Your seething doesn’t change what they’ll do. So give up the bellyaching and change (or keep the same) what you do.


I’m a master navel-gazer, believe me. But I’m sick of navel gazing. Do or don’t. Show up or leave.


But STOP complaining about the way it is now, and make it your own.


Or go. That’s fine, too.


And for the record? I’m sorry to see so many stop writing the words that heal or make whole or sustain just because the landscape around them has changed and they’re mad about it. Be tired, be over it, be done for now, go in a different direction. But bitterness never accomplished a thing. Sure, you must adapt. But if you’re here to tell your stories? Tell them and let the landscape around you do what it will.


Nothing can change what you’re here to say.


*In case it wasn’t clear? I’m talking to myself here.




5 Responses to “I’m Staying”

  1. Kizz says:

    For me the answer is just to keep writing. I hope you will, too.

  2. Trish says:

    I am glad your’e staying. Also? I write to myself a lot. It’s very therapeutic. Let’s just keepin doin our thang, sistah.

  3. Ferd says:

    Nice rant!

    Facebook did change/undermine the blogging scene. I do miss the old ways. I miss the playful, immature stuff we all did. I miss the serious writing, and the nurturing community. It’s all still there, but just not as much. Not nearly as much. Interaction is way down. Comments are way down. But it is what it is. Things change.

    My blog is still there. I don’t post as much. It’s often more of a photoblog. It has taken a birdy direction. But I won’t let it go. I have met some amazing people through blogging (including YOU), who have enriched my life, and continue to do so. It has taken me in some unexpected directions. I have published two books, completely as a result of my blogging activities. And a few blog friends are now friends IRL.

    So, I plan to hang around and change/evolve as we all will.

    And next time I’m in SD, I hope to change our status to friends IRL!

  4. Here’s how I cope with it:

    I don’t check stats. Ever.
    I don’t use pinnable images. Ever.
    I don’t even have a Pinterest account.
    Or Instagram.
    Because you’re right that none of that matters.
    What matters is the words.

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