Home Depot Grand Re-Opening: A Hammer and a Tale

This is a sponsored post by me on behalf of The Home Depot.


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My husband is a Home Depot junkie. Not so much because he’s a tool guy (although there is hope), but because as a tile contractor, he must make multiple trips to Home Depot weekly for supplies and such. If ever I accompany him on these visits, you’ll find me dreaming in the appliance “aisle” or in the garden center lamenting my complete lack of skill tending to green, living things.


But the tables have turned. I became the Home Depot person in the family after being invited to The Home Depot Genesee’s Grand Re-Opening event, and because my husband was unavailable I brought a friend and our respective kids. We returned home several hours later replete with hammer wounds (that would be me) and stories of all we learned that naturally, my husband already knew, such as and for instance, that millwork is doors and windows. (I thought it was grains and wheat.)


Here’s the breakdown of everything:



We arrived at the Grand Re-Opening party ready to kick some scavenger hunt butt, but first (apparently), my kids needed to spin the carnival wheel multiple-a-hundred times to win stuff for dad, including but not limited to, t-shirts, ball caps, Home Depot cell phone covers, and tools.



I eventually coaxed everyone to participate in the scavenger hunt I was all set to “win,” and ended up just blindly following my kids and friend as they solved all the riddles and led me to the “Millwork” section. It seems that I am NOT smarter than a third grader, when my answer to “These are flowers, but you’ll also find them on your face” was “dimples,” when the proper response as immediately given by someone 35 years younger than me was “tulips.”


We did really well in the hunt as I was told after my party found me lollygagging in the appliances (again) section coveting items that would make it more fun to clean things (those exist, right? It’s not just an urban myth?). But WAIT! There was one more thing to scavenge. It was “the most expensive hammer the Home Depot sells,” and unbeknownst to me but as my husband knew intimately, $200 hammers exist in the world.



[Sidebar: I want to know what makes a hammer two hundred dollars.]


So, with that, the scavenger hunt was “won,” and it was off to “build” a mini foosball table in the kids’ workshop.


[Sidebar: Here is where the aforementioned hammer wounds come into the story.]


As you may know, I have two girls. Which means, there were three of us who don’t know a hammer from our elbow and that if there’s a proper way to get nails all the way down into the wood (IS there a way?), God didn’t put that in our genes. So I spent the next thirty minutes blasting my thumb and forefinger into oblivion trying to hammer nails into wood.



My wounds were a success. Between the three of us, we built a 3″ x 3″ x 3″ foosball table! I couldn’t wait to tell my husband!


About an hour later, armed with our t-shirts, hats, foosball tables, and scavenger hunt spoils, it was time to go and impress dad with our new Home Depot knowledge and smarts. So my friend corralled the kids, while I told her “I’d be right back” and went to snap some photos of the garden center. Except while I was there, I imagined in my head that I could actually tend to green, living things and daydreamed an entire fake garden I’d plant in my backyard. Home Depot’s garden center makes you believe in such things. It was only my friend’s repeated and increasingly hostile texts that plucked me out of my reverie.


We returned home. My husband liked his wheel spoils. I’ll give him my Home Depot wish list later.



[Sidebar: He’s going to need another job.]


The newly reopened Home Depot Genesee now features a 40,000 square foot Outdoor Garden Center, larger kitchen and appliance showrooms, a millwork showroom, an improved Pro-Desk and expanded tool rental.


It also provides workshops and events year-round that the whole family can participate in. Please visit https://www.facebook.com/Home.Depot.Genesee.Ca for more information.


This is a sponsored post by me on behalf of The Home Depot.


2 thoughts on “Home Depot Grand Re-Opening: A Hammer and a Tale”

  1. I seem to have a knack for wielding hammers, drills, and all manner of tools. In my case it comes from living in low income apartments where the landlord was never conveniently available when you needed him (except of course when the rent was due). I think I learned how to fix things, more out impatience than need. Comes in handy now that I have my own house.

    Sounds like a good time for the family was had at Home Depot. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. We got to go a couple days before you for the Do-It-Herself Workshop. We had a lot of fun! The Home Depot Genesee store sure was nice :)

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