UPDATED! Escape From Planet Earth Giveaway: Or, Please Enjoy This $25 Movie Gift Card


Laurie Ann won!



Look for your email Laurie!



I so clearly remember the first movie I ever saw: It was “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” and Queen of the Rosary School administrators showed it to all first graders in the white-and-red-speckle-floored gymnasium during snow day (there were a lot of those in Elk Grove, Ill.). I sat in the middle of rows and rows of chairs and willed everyone in the entire room to shush so I could remain enthralled by the flying brass bed and magic books and British streets.


After that, I was hooked on witches and spell casting and most of all, movies. I’m in my 40s now and I can still bring that sense of wonder and “anything can happen” to my soul by remembering that gym and its giant screen.



I impatiently waited for other movies to be shown, and thrilled to “Babes in Toyland” and “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” And don’t even get me started on “The Rescuers” or “Escape From Witch Mountain,” which came later after my kid movie addiction was once and truly cemented in every body fiber.


In those days, you saw movies in the theater or waited for them to be rerun on channels 2-13 years after their release. Now of course, movies are DVD’d and Blu-Ray’d after several months, but that amazing big screen experience can never be outdone.


I don’t take my kids to the movies much because it’s hard to stomach the enormous price tag, especially with the recent “3D” add-on, but when I do, I love watching their faces out of the corner of my eye. Did they laugh at that too? Did they gasp with wonder? Are they rapt like I was?


Those moments are few and far between, you know, if I want to remain financially solvent, but a few weeks ago we were all treated to a showing of “Escape From Planet Earth,” 3D-style (the coolest mom award came and went in a two-hour time period), and I looked out of the corner of my eye, and saw the raptness.


I have to admit, I had my reservations once the movie began. I thought some of the jokes tried too hard and were forced, but then again, I AM 44. Either way, about 15 minutes in, I relaxed into the story and couldn’t help but 100% dig the on-again, off-again sibling bond between two brother aliens, one an intergalatic action star (Scorch SuperNova) and the other, a mission control computer nerd (Gary) (of course he is) from planet Baab. In the movie, the tough guy is sent to the “dark planet” (Earth) to investigate; a hard gig because all aliens who’ve ever visited Earth have not come back.


And true to Baab legend, Scorch is kidnapped by humans and Gary comes to rescue him. Once he does, however, he’s confronted by Area 51 baddies and a motley crew of other aliens who’ve spent years in captivity.



I liked it.


Of course I did. I’m enthralled by flying brass beds.


But really, it’s a charming movie and I really, really hoped my two girls would take the sibling bonding to heart, which they did after pouring popcorn down each other’s jumpers.


If you’ve got kids who need a lesson in sibling rivalry turned good, take them to “Escape From Planet Earth.” Here’s how: win my giveaway for a goodie bag that includes popcorn, candy and all movie-watching snacks, plus a $25 gift card towards a movie night to see the movie. Considering I spent $652 dollars on movie-watching snacks for this movie, this is a good deal.


Enter by telling me the first movie you remember seeing as a kid. I’ll pick the winner on Monday, March 4 (MARCH 4? When did THAT happen)?


Good luck!


This post obviously sponsored by the Weinstein Co. who sent me four passes to see the movie.


15 thoughts on “UPDATED! Escape From Planet Earth Giveaway: Or, Please Enjoy This $25 Movie Gift Card”

  1. My first movie was Bambi.

    Early on, Bambi’s mother died in a horrific forest fire. I nervously checked on my own mother, who had been sitting next to me.

    Unfortunately, she had gotten bored and bailed on the movie, leaving an empty chair and a freaked out 5-year old.

  2. The first movie I really remember was The King & I, but that was at home. I would dance around in my mom’s dresses pretending to be Anna. I don’t remember the first movie theater movie, but I DO have very embarrassing memories of seeing Dances With Wolves with my grandma when I was 11. It was…awkward.

  3. Gosh, that’s a hard question, because we used to watch the Wonderful World of Disney every Sunday. So I’m not sure what it was. But I *do* know my first movie in a theater was Black Beauty. My aunt took me.

  4. Captain EO in Disneyland. 3D I was 5 and boy did I freak out. My Mom had to sit outside with my bro and I. I found it on Youtube a while ago and had a good laugh at myself.

  5. On tv… Invasion of the body snatchers. 70’s edition. Scared the bejeezus out of me. In the movie theatre? Ummmm…. we went to the drive in maybewe once every cpl yrs as kids. Not sure what movies we were seeing. I remember Rocky IV (I think 4) as it was my first real date ever. Le sigh. That was almost 30 yrs ago. #ohGod #imOld

  6. Jungle Book–the year it came out, because I’m super old. I was 3 at the time and I was enthralled with Kaa and his hypnotic eyes. I climbed up on everyone’s lap and tried to hypnotize them for days afterward.

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