I’m Back and Blogging THAT


Wait until you see these characters in action.


We wrapped the BlogTHAT pilot this past weekend and it turned out better than expected. You know that zen kinda feeling you get when everything is aligned? That was this – the actors, the crew, the script, the direction all came together into one huge gestalt of feeling rightedness that set straight the production challenges faced this year.


At one point, when a turbo talented actress riffed and cracked the entire set up, I laughed that laugh that makes you cry and then laugh again and eventually not be sure where the laugh ends and the cry begins.


It’s been a long road.



Day One of the shoot. You shoulda seen us on Day Three.


And looking back, it’s all been good and exactly as it should be and perfect.


We have a pilot, and what remains now is to show it to the world.


Should be easy enough, right?


(I dream the big dreams!)


5 Responses to “I’m Back and Blogging THAT”

  1. Coming out from behind the lurking curtain to say “YAY!”


  2. Congratulations! I’m glad it’s exceeding your expectations!

  3. Trish says:

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to see it! And we should all dream the big dreams!

  4. Mama Mary says:

    So glad you guys have a pilot in the can! Awesome!

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