PROMPTuesday #208: The Thanking


Times have been tough lately for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is this damn economy. I’ve been working hard to stay afloat on all levels and sometimes you just get tired, you know?


It occurred to me that the best thing to do is make my gratitude list to remember the important things and focus on those and breathe them in and let them energize me. So I am, and that’s today’s PROMPTuesday, too: What are you grateful for in your life, right now in this minute?


As for me:


1. I have my relative health, although the German side of me worries that I just *think* I have my health when something awful is lurking below the surface to be uncovered at my next doctor’s appointment.


2. I have two healthy kids (see above).


3. I have a husband who tries hard to understand me and buffets my emotional sails.


4. I live in a state with lovely weather.


5. My siblings and dad are always there to support me.


6. I have two projects in the works that are poised to deliver great things.


7. I’m very nearly done with my book’s first draft.


8. I have good friends who love me.


9. I have relative talent, although the Russian side of me says that I’m no more talented than anyone else.


10. I’ve learned a lot about myself this year, which has made me stronger.


Include the link to your submission in the comments (yours might be less depressing than mine: kudos!) or feel free to leave your submission here, also in the comments section.


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