Hi! And Things.

Well hello there. Where have you been? Especially since I’ve BEEN HERE THE WHOLE TIME!


(I will go ahead and assume that guilt tactic did not work.)


Actually, the summer ate my words. Between Two Funny Brains and the blog web series and the kids home and the work and the general melting, I’ve been quite out of commission. Today, too is supposed to be PROMPTuesday time, a fact I’ve missed last week as well, and I’m checking to to say that regularly scheduled programming will resume next Tuesday.



I posted this on Facebook, but can’t get enough. This is Booger and about a month ago she surprised me in the kitchen with: “Hi! I’m the new girl!”


Meanwhile, tomorrow the girls start school, which is both welcome and wistful, because first and third grade won’t you slow down the time train. I discovered yesterday that Booger placed in a kindergarten/first grade combo class, and became quite upset because although I’m not one of “those” parents, my daughter is in the first grade and I think putting newbie school kids in with just-out-of-newbie-school-kiddom is a recipe for poor learning for both ages. Still, after a post-teacher-placement powwow with other concerned moms, I decided to chill out and react only if this combo class sucks. I’m making progress: curtailing my freak-outs to only when there’s something concrete for the freaking.


Of course, my advancing age does induce mental instability, and as I looked back to my “I’m almost 40!” posts, I realized how quickly the years tromp all over your once dewy face. I issued a deadline for myself to complete my manuscript by mid-September of this year and saw I had given myself the same deadline nearly four years ago. I’ll tell you one thing: If I finish this draft by September, it will be turbo joy explosion. And twelve years in the making. And holy crap, someone give me a motivation intervention.



I camped! That’s me under 49 layers of clothing because tree spiders don’t eat through material. (Do they?)


In between the aging and the fuzzy deadlining, I embarked upon some decidedly summery things, like camping, pool-hopping, and beaching (not the whale kind), plus some extras like meeting Sam the Cooking Guy and Top Chef’s Brian Malarkey (news to come). We also finished a Two Funny Brains video (did I show you this already?), and I started eating healthier most of the time except for times when I was unwittingly presented mashed potato tacos with chips on top.



That’s Brian Malarkey. He’s taller in person so doesn’t usually stand on tables.


Oh! Also, I found a boob hair. It was gray.


I think I can safely end on that note.


8 Responses to “Hi! And Things.”

  1. It’s always safe to end on the gray boob hair.nBecause there’s really nothing more to say after that…

    Except yay for camping and beaching and pool-hopping – all of which I did this summer as well.

    And I, too, have a deadline of mid-september for my novel. Again.

    So cheers to turbo joy explosion. For the both of us.

    And also, one last thing: because apparently boob hair doesn’t slow me down – they usually put the best teachers with the best kids in combo classes. So. Consider it a compliment. Then keep your eyes and ears open. It could be awesome. And if not, you deal with it then…godspeed, my dear. And happy novel-writing!!!

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  3. Mama Mary says:

    Summer ate my words too. And love that picture of Sienna. Also, gray boob hair? We need to talk.

  4. Me says:

    Gray? Really? Oh… crap!

  5. Oh, my goodness! Your blog made me smile :-). I have recently been searching mommy blogs in San Diego, as I’m a new small business owner that runs a programs appealing to moms and young girls. I think moms, girls, and women in general, are the glue to successful homes and communities. After 7 years of being a classroom teacher, I made the leap into Girls On Target full time (once a hobby and side job). Girls On Target focuses on empowering young and teenage girls through yoga and fitness, and I want moms to know about it :-). I can’t wait to keep checking back in on sandiegomomma.com! Feel free to check out http://www.girlsontarget.com and request a class for your community of mommas and friends ;-). Thanks for sharing words of smiles and giggles!

  6. heidi says:

    You make me laugh! That so cute picture and gray boob hair?! You’ve outdone yourself.
    I hope you’ve had a great summer. And I hope the split class goes well. I totally understand about not wanting to be one of ‘those’ mothers, but at the same time wanting what’s best for your kids. It’s tough. Keep us posted. Hope you’re well, Deb.:)

  7. I agree that the boob hair should be the ending on this one. LOL. I envy you that you’ve had a lot of summery things to do. Which places did you go to for the pool-hopping? Did you go out of town or just around San Diego? Oh, your daughter’s photo is charming. :)

  8. Da Goddess says:

    I was cranky pissy bitchy shitty about LD being placed in a K/1st class once upon a time. We both lived through it. The teacher did, too. But we made our displeasure known to admin and never had placement issues again. (getting ticked off has its perks)

    As for gray boob hair, it happens. Just rip that pup out and pretend it never happened.

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