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PROMPTuesday #200: Beloved

July 31st, 2012

Let’s keep it super simple today, and focus on one word for inspiration:




Tell us about someone in your life, or that stuffed animal you couldn’t put down as a child, or your life’s passion, or whatever comes to mind when you hear the word, “beloved.”


A few caveats:

1) Keep it to 500 words or less.

2) Don’t take any longer than 10 minutes to write.

3) Do not edit, censor or finesse your prose.

4) Let it come.


Please post your submission in the comments OR post in your blog and leave a link to your blog in the comments.


First time to PROMPTuesday? Read a bit about it here. Want to see what’s been written in the past? Catch up on the PROMPTuesdays archive here.


On August 2nd, 2012, Karen said:

Thanks for giving me yet another reason to gush about my fabulous guy! :)

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