Radio static, converged voices

blaring white noise buzz

that takes me to lives where I don’t live


I went there, see me here

detail in 3D, vintage-framed

because that’s what you do to remember


Please see me, please see me

Megaphone glued to fingers tapping

My insides crave your outsides


Late nights awash in blue glow

Alone in a filled room

That calls my eyes with joined chaos


What am I looking for, what am I looking for?

In this house full of empty

Flush with who don’t know me


They take it all, I give it most

Despite life beat in my girls, my mate, my home

I ignore it because you called


And I left a piece, or it was took

So the only way I can find it

Tuck ego currency in my Midas wallet


Is to chase its tail

around and around, again and again

until they don’t see me anymore


My PROMPTuesday submission.


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