PROMPTuesday #169: Top Five

Today, I want a list! A Top Five list. Give it to me, baby. Here’s some ideas:


    Top Five Worst Movies of All Time

    Top Five Fashion Faux Pas (es)?

    Top Five Products You Cannot Live Without

    Top Five Most Inspiring Quotes You’ve Ever Heard in Your Whole Entire Life

    Top Five Reasons You Won’t Write a Top Five List

    Top Five Songs You Used to Make Out To

    Top Five Reasons your Kids Will be in Therapy

    Top Five Epiphanies You’ve Had

    Top Five Ways Social Media Has Changed Your Life

    Top Five Twitter Don’ts

    Top Five Things You Still Want to Do in Your Life

    Top Five Books You Always Recommend

    Top Five “How to be a Better Person” Tips


Get it? Good. Go!


Please post your submission in the comments OR post in your blog and leave a link to your blog in the comments.


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9 Responses to “PROMPTuesday #169: Top Five”

  1. Aunt Snow says:

    Mine’s here:


  2. Top 5 products I can’t live without (this week)…
    1. Schar gluten free bread
    2. Glutino pretzel sticks
    3. Nutella
    4. AcneFree face wash (see not completely food related)
    5. chapstick

  3. green girl in wisconsin says:

    Five Fashion Faux Pas:
    (in my opinion)
    stirrup pants
    banana clips
    those zebra print MC Hammer style pants
    mall bangs & mullets
    dickeys (just wear a damn turtleneck)

  4. Mama Mary says:

    Top Five Twitter Dont’s:
    1) #Don’t #over #use #the #hashtag.
    2) Don’t use LOL or ROTF LMFAO when you are not
    3) Don’t DM me to ask me to vote for you. You will be dead to me.
    4) Don’t synch your FB posts with your tweets.
    5) Don’t be racist (like my recent post) or hateful, or spiteful, or shit-starting.

  5. Top 5 worst movies

    1. Cabin Boy- An awful early 90s comedy starring Chris Elliot from Saturday Night live. It’s best laugh was David Letterman asking if you would like to buy a monkey. It sucked hard.

    2. Sex in the City 2- Just an awful movie. My girlfriend and I liked the Tv show. I should have walked out on this one.

    3. Any bad movie with Keanu Reaves or Nicholas Cage- These guys have had some good movies but when they are in a bad movie it is awful. Too many bad ones to list.

    4. Spiderman 3- I liked the first Spiderman movie and was slightly disappointed by Spiderman two. Spiderman three which I thought would be awesome because of venom was the worst superhero movie ever. Spiderman forgives the guy who brutally kills his uncle just like that and then starts busting out his jazz hands during a piano playing scene. Truly awful.

    5. Lord of the Rings- I know most people love the LOTR movies but I was just bored. The hobbits kept running from monsters and I was like fight, fight for once. Also they were so long I fell asleep.

  6. diamond dave says:

    A little late to the party, but posted my Top Five over at my place. In honor of Halloween, mine is my own personal Top Five Scariest Movie Scenes.

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