Fashion for the Clueless

I understand your confusion, but this is not me.
(Photo from here)


Tonight I’m attending the Poppy Boutique grand opening with my friend, Morgan.


And the second I discovered we’d be going together, I emailed her and said, “Hey! You should style me in Poppy Boutique clothes! It’ll be real fun for you!


And then, halfheartedly:


“Oh. And I can style you too.”


Which is when I’m sure she enjoyed a hearty laugh at my peri-menopausal expense. Because here’s the thing: Morgan is fashion style master. Like super much. Like major much. Like look at this much. And I’m…


Flower moccasins and black bras under white t-shirts.


And not ironically.


But because she is as kind as she is chic icon, she agreed to find me a day outfit, and a nighttime look. Just for fun, not to buy (that is for my husband).


And I in return, will suggest day/night looks for Morgan, and then wait patiently as she finds something better and puts it on.


We will take pictures of this STYLE EXTRAVAGANZA! and tweet them tonight.


As long as she doesn’t pick this for daytime:



What’s that? Oh my God! You’re totally welcome!


(This post is not sponsored by, nor sanctioned by, Poppy Boutique. In fact, Poppy doesn’t know me or my flowered moccasins.


This post is brought to you entirely by PMS and hope.)


8 thoughts on “Fashion for the Clueless”

  1. Good luck! Its awesome that you have a friend and now an event to style you. I feel like I’m one caring friend away from a submission to “What Not To Wear”.

  2. Lucky you! But I don’t perceive you as NOT stylish! PMS & Hope–you kill me. I could use a stylist. And a cook. A maid would be nice, too. Come to think of it, I should just have a whole bevy of ladies and lords in waiting…

  3. I LOVE that outfit in the top photo. Could never wear it but I love it! Did the Poppy Boutique event happen already? I totally forgot to rsvp, boo on me! Hope it was fun. I’m sure you looked stylish!

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